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(updated 9 May 17)

Professional services to NZ orienteering for over 20 years..

Equipment Sale
Mapping. A passion.
Other services. Fitting around the above.

What's the role of a professional in a sport run by volunteers?

It's all about leverage. Training your volunteers to make them more effective. Kickstarting new activities. Demonstrating coaching methods you can repeat yourselves. Relieving critical skill shortages. Planning.

And it's about getting your maps made. For a major map it might be 2-300 hours for the fieldwork and half that again for the cartography, that's every Saturday for almost a year! And meanwhile your everyday maps are getting out of date. You don't find the rugby club laying the turf, do you? Our playing field is the Orienteering Map, get that made (and revised) and you can concentrate on planning and organising events!

  • Professional Services. Quality, On Time.
  • Bargain Prices. Compare my rates with your bicycle repairman!!!
  • Safety. Outdoor First Aid Training. ACC Insurance. Public Liability Cover. Have you thought about the legal consequences of employing "weekenders"?
  • New Zealand-wide. Have wheels, will travel.
  • Innovation. First OCAD user in NZ. Pioneer of new forms of O. Broad Knowledge of Coaching. Up with Worldwide Trends. Webware capable.

And why should I get paid when you work for nothing??? Because I'm a volunteer too. My "90/90 Promise": to do more voluntary orienteering work than most of you, while earning less than most. ("Most" being defined as 90%; "You" defined as NZOF members in full-time employment.)

I'm a one-man band and I have to schedule carefully. But it means I am sure of my quality. With MAPsport, you're not getting the apprentice, you're getting the expert on every assignment!

For more details, read my CV, and ask for my suggested Terms and Conditions of engagement.

Phone 04 566 2645
5 Atahu Grove, Lower Hutt, NZ.