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COACHING SERVICES (updated 16 Sep 00)

To The Training Officer

I began my interest in coaching as the training officer of HVOC during the time its membership reached an all-time high. (I think there's a connection.)

Then I became Coaching Director of the New Zealand Orienteering Federation, for 10 years to 1998.

Since then I have been the Coaching Coordinator of the NZOF Development Squad, Coordinator of the Veterans Squad, and contractor to the current Coaching Director.

I am available to help you with your coaching programmes. I can run training activities to order, such as evening, day and weekend sessions for a club. But you will get most benefit from having someone I can work with, so you can repeat the programmes without paying me every time.

Long experience in NZ and my mapping activities has given me a knowledge of many maps, I can often plan things without having to visit the site. Consultancy, I can recommend activities from afar, without a physical visit. I can modify OCAD maps to bring out particular skills. I can supply books for both the orienteer and the coach. I have a big collection of blank maps suitable for indoor exercises.

What will it cost?

I charge on the same basis as for mapping, a professional service for less than tradesman's rates. But bear in mind that all teaching activities require preparation time, usually at least as much as the "contact time", and then there's control placement as well. However travel cost can often be combined with other assignments.

For example, I could deliver a full day's training on my back doorstep for about $400. This assumes 6 hours of activities, 200% preparation and setup time, and you assemble the equipment and supply the maps. An evening (on my back doorstep, figuratively of course) could be about $150. For topics and more ideas see the Coaching section on the NZOF website, advice on Community Funding Applications.

Orienteers would be prepared to pay twice as much for a day's training as for an OY wouldn't you think? And as much for a well-prepared evening as the movies? You could cover the above costs with about 20 participants, but of course the value is in the "recipe" which lets you deliver the programme again, yourselves.

Can I help you with your training programme?

Yours in orienteering,

Michael Wood phone 04 566 2645
5 Atahu Grove, Lower Hutt, NZ