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VOLUNTEER TRAINING (updated 16 Sep 00)

To The President

Vounteers are your most valuable resource, and developing their skills the best thing you can do with your money. And with Hillary Commission Community Funding Scheme money too, volunteer development is their top priority!

Consider some jobs which can make you a better club:

Website Maintenance. I can set up a simple website for you and train you in looking after it. (A website is nothing unless it is frequently updated!)

OCAD Cartography. Pioneer in this area, I bought the first copy of OCAD in New Zealand! Combine that with a previous career in computer application training and you have an unbeatable training package. Different training is needed for beginners and current OCAD users.

Fieldwork Training. Many people have learnt by doing an important map, just as well airline pilots don't learn this way! You need to learn the basics on a park before moving to farmland contours before moving to vegetation before moving to thick vegetation with awful basemaps! The key is to match the training with the level of your mappers.

Course Planner Training. Again the best method is a step-by-step process. You don't need to know about doglegs when you're planning white courses! So you have to decide who needs training, there is no "one size fits all". My combination of coaching and technical interests is unique.

Coach Training. The responsibility of the NZOF Coaching Director. When her time is limited, MAPsport offers expertise under contract to the federation.

New forms of Orienteering. We know how many people enjoy traditional orienteering, its about 1000 and they belong to clubs already. We need to develop forms of orienteering that appeal to the other 3.8m people. Your members don't have to enjoy them, but they need to learn about them if you're going to be able to run a few and nurture the different sorts of orienteers they will attract. I can run some of these events for you or I can run workshops.

What will it cost?

I charge on the same basis as for mapping, ie a professional service at less than a tradesman's rates. As with any teaching there is preparation time as well as the "contact time". But an onsite day of 6 hours preceded by an evening of theory, without travel costs, would come to about $300. That's the charge per person for a day's downtown busness training!

Can I help you improve the effectveness of your volunteers?

Yours in orienteering,

Michael Wood phone 04 566 2645
5 Atahu Grove, Lower Hutt, NZ