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To The Programme Coordinator

If you can contract out the onerous job of mapping you will usually have enough resources to run events, even major ones. However sometimes there is a shortage of experienced members to fill all the roles, and MAPsport Services can help fill a critical need. Consider these scenarios:

Planner. The desktop part of planning is particularly suited to doing at a distance, with checking and marking of control sites perhaps done in one visit combined with other MAPsport work. This would work in well with a map you have employed me to fieldwork. Two decades of planning experience, NZOF Course Planning competition winner, NZOF A-grade Controller, etc.

Controller. Often a post difficult to fill, and there are many advantages of having a non-club-member as the controller, you tend to treat deadlines a little more serously! I am currently controlling a PAPO event from Lower Hutt. It is UNdesirable that I have worked on the map in this case!

Coordinator. The site logistics and on-the-day staffing would be hard to do from afar but handling the entries and publications could easily be contracted out. I did the whole job for the Dune Tune last year by myself (as well as controlling both days).

Printing Management. This is a new job! The cartographer doesn't carry the job through to maps on the shelf any more. (S)he gives you a draft map which the planner wants to keep changing up to the last minute, you have a demand for 1:15,000, 10,000 for the oldies, and 5,000 for the kids. That means the map shape changes, the legend and credits have to go in a different place, and of course there are 10 or 12 different sets of circles to put on. An external contractor like MAPsport can take this off your plate, plus we have a very good laser printing service in the Hutt Valley which may actually save you money.

What will it cost?

I charge on the same basis as for mapping, ie a professional service at less than a tradesman's rates. You need to know it'll be x dollars a competitor, and we haven't got enough data yet. But I do have raw time records for the volunteer work I have done for my own club, so we're not working entirely from scratch.

Can I help you with your major event?

Yours in orienteering,

Michael Wood phone 04 566 2645
5 Atahu Grove, Lower Hutt, NZ