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A letter to The Secretary,
NZ Orienteering Clubs
7 Mar 02

More Orienteering with Less Work

Over the last ten years I’ve been trying out in the Hutt Valley a number of new forms of orienteering which interest me, and have suddenly realised that they have a common thread: more orienteering with less work!

These forms are rogaining, mountainbike-orienteering, and park-orienteering (for other than beginners)

As MAPsport Services, I offer to visit your club and show you how you can do it!

The amounts of money are quite modest, because (a) my charges are low and (b) the time involved is low. We are certainly not talking about the $10,000 it takes to make a new competition map, more like 5% of this. And because this is “volunteer training”, it would be top priority for a Hillary Commission Community Sport Fund Application.

It could also be called “club development” and I note that the NZOF development budget has again been underspent in 2001. This may be another area for funding assistance.

Below I list some things I could do for your club over a 2-3-day visit. If you require it I have loaded detailed advice for filling in your HC grant application on my website (The wording is written so that it could apply to controller training, coach training, first aid training etc, and I suggest that as well as employing me you consider these other areas.) HC grant applications usually close with your local body on 31 March.

Even without a grant, what are you most short of: money, or volunteer time? I welcome the chance to discuss these ideas with you.

Yours sincerely

Michael Wood
MAPsport Services