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TRAINING MAPPERS (written Aug 07)

...and other orienteering contractors

NZ needs more orienteering contractors. There are plenty of opportunities that volunteers cannot fulfill, and I have shown that it's possible to live on orienteering work. Without looking very hard I keep coming across opportunities and yet I want to taper my workload.

In particular I know of three clubs who couldn't get mappers for straightforward map revisions late last year. And there's increasing scope for entrepreneurial work for schools, corporates, events and areas of federation activity that are starting to be paid.


I have technical skills that I would like to pass on - especially mapping. There are also the tricks of working for yourself - timekeeping, charging, overheads, tax returns etc.

This would suit those who want flexible work around the country to combine with training and competition, ie members of the national or development squads. Alternatively I might work with a club member interested in occasional work in their own area. This is for those with some maps under their belt - it is not aimed at beginning mappers.

I'm not thinking of employing apprentices, more like an association where we both work side-by-side for the client. On-the-job contact is far more effective than any number of classroom sessions. It does require a willingness on the part of clubs to take on TWO contractors, but those who have built a house with the help of an architect will recognise this model. The payoffs are immediate (a better map) and long-term (continued availability of mappers).

If you are interested in self-employment please contact me; remember the opportunities are wider than mapping. If you are a club I seek your understanding of the wider objectives. I look forward to hearing from you.

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