Orienteering Hutt Valley: Any-Time Orienteering  .
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NEW! Sprint Adventure Race maps. Includes 1-1.5km foot-o courses ideal training. And 10-12km river trail courses ideal bike nav. ALSO U-Max Do-It-Yourself event maps.

You can orienteer at scheduled events, and take advantage of map sales, being timed, the atmosphere, meeting people, help etc. The lightweight control markers are set out for the day and taken in afterwards.

OR you can orienteer at a time that suits you on a permanent course. The control markers may be specially inscribed posts, or plaques fixed to a fence or building, or distinctive landmarks. You get copies of the map from a nearby agent, or perhaps from the internet, and you look after yourself.

Feedback! We want to know if you like these courses! Email the name of your group (eg "Smith family"), the number of people in it, and which course you did and when, to Use "Permanent Orienteering Course" as the subject, and add your comments. We'll try and reply with a suggestion about the next club event in the Greater Wellington area, which we think would be good for you.

Permanent orienteering courses in and around the Hutt Valley:

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