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2019 got under way with a re-run of the first "P-Max" 1hr mini rogaine based at Avalon Park. At the other end of the scale some tough cookies lined up at Akaroa for the week-long Godzone Adventure Race! Other biggies to look forward to (or just contemplate) are the Canty Uni Tramping Club 24hr "Twalk" on 18-19 May, and the NZ Rogaine Champs on 23-24 Nov. Closer to home we hope to bring you the all-day Big Trig and Ak Attack next summer

But you need practice for these endurance events so this website is mostly about the popular 3hr and 90min afterwork rogaines. Or they are perfectly good fun in their own right. Get more details here... During the year there may also be some 1-2hr starter-level rogaines that we call P-Max; there's a special P-Max website here...

SAFETY NOTE OCT 2018 - Gear requirements have been tweaked. We've reviewed our experiences over the years and the check-in practicalities. The onus is on you to carry the COMPULSORY gear, and to consider the RECOMMENDED gear. Re-read the Safety Rules.

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SCHEDULE (weekend rogaines in bold type)
 Sun 10 Feb
P-Max 1hr Avalon
X  Beginner 1hr rogaine on a Sunday without any orienteering. Re-run of the very first "P-Max" event from 2011. Two categories: A class ANSWER the questions. Elite class - given the answers, WRITE the questions!
 Tue 9 Apr
Afterwork 3hr Tawa
 X In a change to earlier information the first of the 3hr afterwork rogaines will be a re-run of last year's Tawa event. This had a chequered history, first with a weather postponement, and then when re-scheduled a low attendance. It was a great event and we're checking the sites and will re-run for a bigger audience. Mike O'Connor was the origianl planner. Daylight saving has finished, charge up those headlights.
 Wed 15 May
Afterwork 3hr Mount Vic
 X This will include the town belt thru Karitane Hill and Mt Albert and no dount some forays into the steep streets on either side. If you get lost just orientate on the bright lights of downtown. Hang on what's that plane doing landing downtown??? Hamish Laing and team.
 Sun 19 May
NOT the City Safari
 X While we wait for the public transport to settle down Michael Wood has in mind a MTB rogaine on the Kapiti Coast. Will be suitable for feet as well as wheels.
 Tue 18 Jun
Afterwork 3hr Miramar
 X Tim Sutton will take us through the Miramar Peninsula in one of your last chances before it becomes a Sausalito look-alike. The area abounds in historic defence relics. And caves. With wetas.
 Tue 9 Jul
Afterwork 3hr Karori
 X Mary McBride is in charge of this one, she's using the always-popular Karori. Plenty of hills and plenty of bush within a stones' throw of town.
 Thu 15 Aug
Afterwork 3hr Tinakori
 X This event will include the high ground from Te Ahumairangi south to Zealandia and no doubt the network of bike trails in the Polhill Reserve. Which probably means... the windmill. Funny how some peoplel protest about them but this one is a historic icon. Aimee Paterson and Marie Henderson are in charge.
 Thu 12 Sep
Afterwork 3hr Lowry Bay
 X Sue Eastwood and Graeme Silcock are experienced rogaine planners and know East Harbour Regional Park inside-out. Beautiful bush, steep climbs, wonderful harbour views.
 Sun 13 Oct
Spring Classic (usu Winter)
 X Tough Wgtn OC orienteering event that includes a rogaine.
 Thu 17 Oct
Afterwork 3hr Avalon/Kelson
 X Avalon = flat. Kelson = steep hill suburb. Kelson adjoins Belmont Regional Park. Wonder what Coast to Coast veteran Jill Westenra will serve up. Choose your poison.
 Wed 20 Nov
Afterwork 3hr Kaukau
 X Last year the Kaukau rogaine was the most popular of all, and Gillian and Malcolm Ingham have more to show us. Daylight saving will have arrived.
NZ Rogaine Champs
  XThe peak New Zealand rogaine, this year in the arid beauty of Central Otago. 3 and 6 hrs available too. Planned and organised by Highland Events
 Sun 1 Dec
The Big Trig
  XOur annual traditional rural rogaine. 3 or 6 hrs in the wilds of Porirua. Planned by Rogaine Coordinator Kelvin Thiele.

Full details including start location are on the event calendar.
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ORIENTEERING ON FOOT: "involves finding your way through unfamiliar terrain using a map." Competitions are usually individual, but groups are welcome too. Checkpoints may have to be visited in a certain order, or a time limit is set. Courses can take anything from 10 minutes up, with an hour quite common.
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ROGAINING: "a sport of long distance cross-country navigation", in which teams of two to five people visit as many checkpoints as they wish in a set time period. "Long" is anything up to 24hrs, but the skills can be practised over any period, such as one hour.
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