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2017 content, under revision
Series titleholders (2016)
Open: Liam Drew, Nicole Ranger
Veteran: Mike Fee, Jenny Visser
Junior: Kieran Edwards

Since 2000, Orienteering Hutt Valley has coordinated a series of MTB-Orienteering events in the southern North Island, and been a leader in creating MTB-specific maps. We started with events that took an hour or two; and we built a points system to find the best riders over the year. Then we introduced an all-day "extreme" event in the Akatarawas. Then we expanded downwards to short events suitable for kids and families. Which for big people corresponds to the "sprint" in athletics - it has its own challenges.

In recent years the season has shifted to follow the golden weather, and has moved to the second half of the year. The "series" is just called "the Welly MTBO Series". The extreme event is called "the Akatarawa Attack". And the beginner/sprint events are called "B-Max".

About MTB-Orienteering

If you haven't tried MTB-Orienteering before, take a look at these useful resources:
  • A sample map of a beginner area with couple of short courses on it.
  • A couple of pages of general info about how we do MTBO around Wellington.
  • The New Zealand MTBO rules. Half a dozen pages and pretty readable.
  • A concocted map designed to show all important symbols with comments.
  • The historic NZ MTBO website. The resource section here will progressively be moved onto the ONZ website.
If you're an occasional rider note that last year we have an expectation to carry a cellphone in non-urban events; this is to hasten response to an injury incident. And this year you are now allowed to ride off-track on certain map colours - read the legend carefully! The rest of this page covers information specific to the current series and will be added to progressively. Click on the event below to get the latest details from the calendar.

About the Series

  • Entry: Enter on the day. The calendar will have the registration time. The registration window may be as little as 30min or as much as 2 hours.
  • Entry fee: Snr/Jnr $20/$10 with $5 discount for orienteering club members. OHV has a half-price introductory subscription which is only $12.50/$6.25 and family concessions. Join online here.
  • Course Type: Events may be fixed-time score or fixed-order time events, according to the decision of the planner.
  • Recreational Rider? If you're recreational or would like to ride in a group, then classes are irrelevant. Just seek the organiser's advice on what course or part-course would suit you.
  • Series Rider? If you wish to accumulate points over the series, you need to nominate your class when you register, and ride the course set down for your class: Men and Women, subdivided into School, Open, and Veteran (40+ years). Age is as at 31 December. No problem with swapping classes, but you don't carry points across.
  • Courses: There will generally be 3 or 4, labelled as follows:
    • Course 1 for OM. Expected fastest time usually 90-120min, distance 20-25km
    • Course 2 for VM, JM, OW, VW, JW. Expected fastest time (usu a VM) 80-100min, distance 13-18km. Note that the juniors this is designed for are very capable!
    • Course 3 is a recreational course with easier navigation and riding. Expected fastest time 40-60min, distance 5-10km. On some venues there might be a shorter Course 4 suitable for younger juniors. What is done here will depend on the terrain.
    • Course 99 is another recreational “course”. There is no fixed order, you just get as many controls as you can in 60 minutes. We can give you guidance as to which ones would suit your riding level.
  • Scoring:
    • Winner's Time in class divided by Your Time, multiplied by 25.0
    • For score events, Your Score divided by Winner's Score in class, times 25.0
    • If a rider in a score event gets all the controls and finishes early, they have their score factored up to the full time for the purpose of series points.
    • To nearest one decimal place
    • To reward those who put in this work, a score of "best other score" will be awarded to up to two course planners.
    • Best THREE results count, so max possible is 75.0
  • Results: will be posted on the web, target within 24hrs. Access them through the OHV website or the Welly MTBO website

This page and website are the responsibility of the OHV MTBO Coordinators, It was updated on 13 Aug 17.

ORIENTEERING ON FOOT: "involves finding your way through unfamiliar terrain using a map." Competitions are usually individual, but groups are welcome too. Checkpoints may have to be visited in a certain order, or a time limit is set. Courses can take anything from 10 minutes up, with an hour quite common.
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MTB-ORIENTEERING: "riding your way through a network of singletrack, 4WD tracks, roads and paths using a map. Sometimes you can shortcut between tracks but it's mostly about choosing the best track route and then following it without delays. Most events are designed to take 1-2 hours, but there are shorter and longer variations.
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