Ski-O Event, Waiorau Snow Farm

24/25 July 2010

Myles Thayer reports...

The 2010 event was held last weekend and once again we had two high quality events. The Ski O Champs were held on Saturday and consisted of three courses catering for different skiing ability and different orienteering ability. It was a nice mild day for skiing with some light high cloud interspersed with sunny spells. This year marked the debut of SportIdent at the Ski O and made the courses on Saturday much more varied. I can attest however that itís very difficult to ski with only one pole. After the first five controls, a bit of a slip was followed by a fairly regulation fall but when I collected myself and got up, one pole was in two pieces. Thus ended my race on the first day. I went back to the base and with two poles completed the last third of the course just for interest and can vouch for its excellence.

Sunday dawned clear and sunny on the skifield and we were treated to a challenging two hour Snogaine. I think one measure of its success was that the winner visited all the controls bar one five pointer near the start/finish and only had two minutes to spare. Most of us arrived back in the last five minutes and there were only a few late-comers.

Iíve been to most of the previous ski orienteering weekends and this ranks up there as one of the best. The use of SportIdent was great and Iíd like to take this opportunity to thank the Buschl family for all their efforts in making sure this tradition is continued. Brian produced two excellent events and itís just a shame there werenít more competitors.

Day 1 Fixed Order


  1. Lilburne, John-Paul Long 01:18:54
  2. Cotter, Jim Long 01:27:22
  3. Hogg, Anna Long 01:50:31
  4. Mills, Fraser Long 02:04:01
  5. Le Mee, Gwenn Long 02:43:50
  6. Koch, Inka Long 03:01:04
  7. Babot, Nicolas Long 03:09:03
  8. Hogg, John Long mp
  1. Bailey, Jan Medium 01:44:08
  2. Phillips, Nick Medium 01:56:47
  3. Cotter, Kate Medium 02:17:50
  1. Cotter, Charlotte Short 02:28:06

Day 2 120min Score

  1. Jim Cotter 465
  2. John-Paul Lilburne 460
  3. Anna Hogg 425
  4. John Hogg 370
  5. Team Lizzie_Kathy 285
  6. Team Inka, Nicolas & Gwenn 285
  7. Myles Thayer 215
  8. Luis Slyfield 145
  9. Kate Cotter 135
  10. Team Judy & Jan 70
  11. Charlotte Cotter 40

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