NZ Ski-O Champs Planned at Waiorau

29-30 July 2000

The NZ Ski-Orienteering Champs are planned for the 29-30th July, at the Waiorau Snow Farm near Wanaka.

Ski-Orienteering has been held there annually for about ten years, since Dunedin OC members Ken and Anitra Dowling kicked it off. They were also the organisers of the first 24-hour rogaine in NZ (long-distance orienteering on foot) and are now developing mountainbike orienteering in Australia!

Organisers of this year's event are who live at Fairfield near Dunedin, Ph (03) 488 3254. It will consist of a warmup and coaching day on the Saturday, followed by the NZ Champs on the Sunday. This will take the form of a Score Event, in which you have a fixed amount of time to earn the highest score by visiting checkpoints. You can elect to do the 45 or the 90-minute event.

Lodge accommodation (including breakfast and dinner), ski hire and trail fees are all available on the mountain. Other accommodation is also available. Lodge bookings are required by 15 June, and event entries by 22 July.


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