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Temporary Calendar Outage, 27 May 08, updated 30 May
The calendar we use has moved hosts and there were some complications.
Top Teams Clear the Course, 26 May 08, map added 6 Jun
8 teams completed the course in the NZ Rogaine Championship at Taupo Sat/Sunday. Story and results, and the map.
Locals Beat World Champions, 18 May 08
After mysteriously losing each other last year, Wellingtonians Andy Foster and Greg Thurlow came back to win yesterday's Metlink City Safari. 350 took part. More...
Partners and Travel, 15 Apr 08, Champs Bulletin added 23 Apr
Remember there's a "Wanted" section in the Resources page. The Third Bulletin for the NZ Champs has been issued.
Snow at Somers and Mist in the Maungatuks, 23 Apr 08, M'tuk routes added 1 May
The first mountain marathon since 1994 ran near Mt Somers at the weekend. Results and excellent story... Meanwhile Wellington rogainers took on the Akatarawa Forest from the Maungakotukutuku Valley. More...
Great Start for Eco Challenge, 15 Apr 08
An impressive 250 people did the first Eco City Challenge in Waitakere on Sunday. Results including photos.
Bigwigs for Urban Rogaine, 9 Apr 08
Waitakere mayor Bob Harvey is one of 130 entrants so far in Sunday's Eco City Challenge. And the original City Safari has just opened entries for its fifth edition.
Entries Open for Mountain Marathon, 9 Apr 08
Mountain Marathons catered for endurance mapsport junkies from 1983 to 1994. They resumed with the "Alpine Mountain Marathon" on 19-20 April in Canterbury. More... There's also a 6/3hour rogaine in the Akatarawas on 20 April.
HUGE Turnout Throughout Series, 9 Apr 08
The Taylors Mistake rogaine series continued to attract huge fields, climaxing in 183 at the final event on 2 April! More on the excellent event website.
Level Playing Field at Taylors Mistake, 14 Mar 08
The Port Hills have been levelled by a handicap system in the latest Taylors Mistake afterwork rogaine series. More...
Sec School Rogaine a Hit, 14 Mar 08
Rogaining is a cool activity in Taranaki schools. There were 230 participants in 75 teams at this year's Taranaki SS Rogaine Champs at Lake Mangamahoe. Results...
New Event, New Format, 5 Mar 08, story added 6 Mar
Team "4TC" won the inaugural Boohai Rogaine north of Gisborne at the weekend. The event was run in mountain marathon/Cyclic Saga fashion with an overnight campsite. More...
Entries Open for NZ Champs, 26 Feb 08
The organisers have released the latest bulletin, as well as a 2-page event info and the entry form.
Father/Daughter Winning Strategy, 17 Feb 08; raw results added 18 Feb
Ross and Hazel Bidmead won today's Eastbourne Rogaine over fitter, faster teams - through a clever choice of route and timing. Given 18 hours to do 12 hours of rogaining, the pair delayed... (more)
Last Bits of the Jigsaw, 31 Jan 08
Planner Mike Sheridan is putting the finishing touches to the course for the Eastbourne Rogaine. More...
Up the Boohai, 21 Jan 08
The latest innovative event from MADeventz alias Jamie Stewart: a 2-day rogaine with 8 hours on the Saturday, 5 on the Sunday. Entries now open. See also Resources.
New Section on Website, 3 Jan 08
As the RogaineNZ website enters its 10th year it recently passed 50,000 page hits! "Partners Wanted" has been broadened to "Resources" so we have a place to put other stuff such as advice and rules.


Eastbourne Rogaine Entries Open, 19 Dec 07
Entries have opened for the Eastbourne any12-in-18hrs Rogaine on Feb 16-17. Event website...
World Rogaine Fills Up, 16 Dec 07
Latest count for 8WRC in Estonia is 500 people, and registration is temporarily closed.
Rogainers Strike Gold, 5 Dec 07
Rogainers burrowed deep into Lower Hutt hills last night for a hundred-pointer inside an old gold-mine. Results... Marlborough OC also ran a 3hr on Sunday at Picton.
Hundred at Office Hours, 5 Dec 07
The Korowai "Office Hours" rogaine ran on Sunday on the edge of the Southern Alps. Results..
World Champs Entries Open, 2 Dec 07
Entries for the 8th World Rogaining Championship in Estonia opened yesterday.
Arrrrh, Pirates Treasure, 21 Nov 07
Last night's Wellington rogaine featured "buried treasure" - randomly placed "gold coins" were worth bonus points. Results...
NZ Rogaine Champs Announced, 13 Sep 07, link added 21 Nov
The 2008 NZ Rogaine Champs has been awarded to Taupo and Rotorua Orienteering clubs. The 24hr event will run 24-25 May, and the key organisers are Lance Eccles and Mark Copeland.
Wellington Rogaines Resume, 8 Nov 07
After a breather OHV has resumed afterwork rogaines. On a beautiful evening 70 grappled with cryptic clues set by Greg Thurlow. Results...
Kiwis Top XV, 6 Aug 07
Ozzie Rogaine Champs near Alice Springs: Viv Prince (with Qld's Richard Robinson) 1st, Bill and Anne Kennedy with Pete Squires 2nd (and 1st XSV of course), and Mark Struthers and Annette Windross 3rd. 16 kiwis there. Results...
How Could we Forget? 31 Jul 07
Lactic Turkey's Piha and Hunua Rogaines in June and July: although not quite meeting the NZ record of the 2006 Piha (419) they were both enjoyed by 3-400 rogainers. Routes, reports, results, photos and "RaceReviewer" replays...
Forne on a High, 17 Jun 07
Chris Forne with Joe Jagusch dashed round the Heights of Winter rogaine to win by 400 points. The 12hr event near Hawarden north of Christchurch was run in bitterly cold conditions. Results...
Calendar Changover, 10 Jun 07
The new calendar uses "Maptalk/Events" which covers the whole range of map-sport in NZ, though the we only show rogaines. Rogaine organisers can post the details themselves - see the help.
Rogaine Meets Adventure Racing, 6 Jun 07
Rogaine (fixed-time) sections have been creeping into adventure races. Now there's a 24-hour event which is essentially a series of foot rogaines strung together by mountain-bike. More...
Marlborough Attracts Rogainers, 31 May 07
The MOC 6/3hr rogaine last Saturday was run in glorious weather. Luke Chapman and Brent Stuart 1920 won the long course by 30 points from Greg Thurlow. More...
Mad Event Popular, 28 May 07
The MADEventz Taylors Mistake Series started with 140 roaming the northern end of the Port Hills after dark, the map showing an enlargement of wartime gunpits and tunnels. Carsten Jorgensen and Rob Jessop made the top score. Results and winner's route...
Auckland Adds Afterwork, 28 May 07
Auckland's (first we think) afterwork 3hr rogaine was the finale to a series of shorter urban orienteering events. James Bradshaw running solo cleaned up the lot in 2.5hrs. Results...
370 On Safari, 20 May 07, updated 28 May
A record entry for the Wellington City Safari. "Hardened crims" including C2C winners Jill Westenra and Fleur Pawsey on the 6hr; scores of families including former world orienteering champion Yvette Baker on the 3hr. Results, news and pics.
Raft of Rogaines, 9 May 07
No fewer than 8 rogaines in the next month!
Longest Rogaine Winners Declared, 3 May 07
Janet Wilson and Graham Peters declared the winners of the Mainly Tramping Summer Hutbaggers Rogaine. All huts in the Tararua Ranges near Wellington as controls, and 96 hours taken in up to 4 trips. NZ's longest rogaine, and perhaps the world's! More...
Rogaine Runs from Lambton Quay, 3 May 07
Rogaine run out of the Norsewear shop on Lambton Quay by adventure racing "Team Norsewear" was won by Bill Edwards in spite of a fading headlamp. More...
Hundred in NI Secondary School Rogaine Champs, 22 Apr 07
Three-hour event at Lake Mangamahoe near New Plymouth on Saturday night. Winners Havelock North HS (Louis Chambers and Jack Vincent), 2nd overall and top girls were St Cuthberts 1 (Hannah Linkhorn and Nicola Peat). Results...
Recycled Rogaine, 18 Apr 07,planner's notes 19 Apr
Different scores and a new start point made a very different challenge from last year's Wainui rogaine, which had been shortened by weather. Results...
Town and Country, 29 Mar 07
Ian Bowie ran last night's rogaine from his front porch in Kelson, Lower Hutt. The field of 65 included the Upper Hutt College squad training for the Hillary Challenge. Results...
With attention on the national champs, another milestone almost went un-noticed. NZ's two hundredth rogaine ran on 28 Feb. The honour was shared equally by two of the most active clubs - Orienteering Hutt Valley and Orienteering Taranaki - their events ran at the identical times of 6-9pm!
Rogaine Cheats Weather, 14 Mar 07, results link 15 Mar
Tonight's Wellington rogaine slotted neatly into the gap between a northerly storm and the southerly front. Bill Edwards collected all but two controls. Results have been posted.
Hot and Dry in Marlborough, 7 Mar 07
Nathan Fa'ave and Richard Ussher took the 2007 national rogaine championship in a parched Marlborough at the weekend, ahead of Chris Morrissey and George Christison. Rachel Smith and Rhys Burns were top mixed and the only other team over 3000 out of the 4000 max. Results...
Youngest Afterwork Rogainers? 1 Mar 07
Ella (10) and Gina (7) Chamberlain plan their route with Dad's help last night. The Wilton-based event was won by mt-running international Mike Wakelin. Results..
World's Biggest Rogaine? 25 Feb 07
In progress as we type - Tararua ranges near Wellington. Longest at 96 hours. Biggest area, two 1:50,000 topo sheets. Controls the 50 huts in the Tararuas, choose any four days, which can be split into 1-4 journeys. Details (look for "Hut Baggers") and blog.
Safari Date Set, 14 Feb 07
The City Safari moves to Sunday - 20 May. Wellington public transport is nearly as good on Sunday as Saturday, but in any case routes and times are just part of the "terrain" to be met. (Other centres take note, "it wouldn't work here" is a fallacy!) More..
Kumara to Sumner to Miramar, 13 Feb 07
Three days after the Coast to Coast, Glen Warner was rogaining at Miramar - and winning! With regular team of Debbie Mansfield and Julie Gordon, and Gordon Balfour. Results...
The Ultimate Rogaine, 15 Jan 07
Ever been to the Chatham Islands? Retired adventure racer has hatched a plan for a rogaine on the Chathams.


International Award for Kiwi Rogainer, 13 Dec 06
Mike Sheridan has been honoured by the IRF. Sheridan has been behind the 3hr afterwork rogaines around Wgtn, and masterminded Tararua24, the 2006 NZ Champ. More... Sunny Hawkes Bay... Yeah Right, 11 Dec 06
Heavy rain and hailstorms confounded Hawkes Bay's sunny reputation, with a maximum of just 9 degrees. Rachel Smith and Rhys Burns were 130 points ahead of the top two mens teams in the 12hr section. More...
Mini-Twalk on Port Hills? 9 Dec 06
Christchurch rogainers once again challenge the conventional wisdom that the silly season is too busy for events with the third Xmas rogaine on the Port Hills. Details...
NZ Champs Entries Open, 1 Dec 06
The entry form for the NZ Rogaine Champs on 3/4 Mar is now available. Planner Alan Holdaway is still not saying exactly where in Marlborough...
Mixed Teams Dominate Office Hours, 26 Nov 06
Mixed teams filled the top four places in the "Office Hours" rogaine at Mt Somers in mid-Canterbury on Saturday. Winners were Carsten Jorgensen and Jenni Adams. Results...
Reikorangi Revenge, 5 Nov 06, corrected 11 Nov
Soon after arriving back from yesterday's Guy Fawkes rogaine in the Tararuas, police SAR expert Jo Holden was coordinating a rescue mission! Glen Warner and Debbie Mansfield posted a fine win in the 12-hour section. More...
Tigers for Punishment, 20 Oct 06
Less than a week after the punishing 24hr rogaine in NSW, participants filled the top two slots in last night's afterwork event at Plimmerton, Wellington. More...
Kiwis Win Australian Sport, 17 Oct 06
Kiwis Chris Forne and Dennis de Monchy won the 2006 World Championship of the sport invented in Australia! And on Australian soil - how sweet is that!! Four other kiwis were in the top ten - previous winner Greg Barbour was in the 5th-placed team, Darren Ashmore and Phil Wood were 6th; and Ted van Geldermalsen (52) was 10th. More...
Kiwis Head for Warrambungle, 9 Oct 06
Not a botched military operation, the name of the national park in NSW where the World Rogaine Champs will be held Fri-Sat. 30 NZ teams out of 300 entered, totalling 700 people. Event website..
New Rogaine Calendar, 4 Oct 06
We're trialling a new rogaine calendar. The same facilities are used by all NZ map-sport, if you want the big picture, try
Planning for 2007 Champs, 4 Oct 06
Alan Holdaway has identified 73 control locations on nine properties for the 2007 NZ Rogaine Champs on 3/4 March. "Typical south Marlborough country, not unlike a lot of North Canterbury. Certainly not flat but plenty of farm tracks (not all marked), some prickly stuff in places but pretty clear overall. Have a look at the photos on this Photos.."
GuyFawkes Rogaine Unveiled, 27 Sep 06
OHV's biggest event since Tararua24 - 12/6/3hrs. Based at the foot of Kapakapanui, taking in native bush, farmland, and open tops of the western Tararuas. Details...
Bill Is Back, 21 Sep 06
The first Wellington Secondary School Rogaine Championship was won by Upper Hutt College pair Andrew de Wit and Daniel Grover. Bill Edwards top-scored before the solo penalty took him 5 points behind Gerry Whitehouse and and Anton Marsden. Results...
Training for World Rogaine, 20 Sep 06
Julian Maclaren has a unique approach to training - dressing up as one. Well not quite a train, but a tram. He won two air tickets to Australia!
National Award for Rogaine, 20 Sep 06
NZRA and the Wairewa Runanga won the sports category of the 2006 Maori Language Week Awards for a rogaine at Little River on 22 July. The organiser was Bruce Meder. More...
Mist Controls, 6 Sep 06, story updated 8 Sep
Extensive bush above Porirua City Centre proved a match for 60 afterwork rogainers last night. Hopes that navigation would be easier on the open ground round Colonial Knob were dashed by thick mist which reduced visibility to zero. More...
Southerly Fades for 175th Rogaine, 23 Aug 06, updated 24 Aug
71 rogainers enjoyed a crisp night and firm underfoot conditions on Makara Peak and Wrights Hill. NZ's 175th rogaine was appropriately run by pioneer OHV, which has done 55 of them. The last 25 were racked up in 5 months, the shortest time yet. More...
Rogainers Undeterred by Storm, 8 Aug 06, story updated 9 Aug
With a storm battering the NI, it was amazing that anyone turned out to the Wgtn afterwork rogaine tonight! But 40 took on the steep bush tracks surrounding Wainuiomata and lived to tell the tale. Sunday's Fox Hunt also enjoyed the wet stuff.
Multiple Maps in Fox Hunt, 8 Aug 06
The third Fox Hunt urban rogaine in Auckland used an orienteering map of the domain as well as the street map. A nifty solution to the lack of detail. Results and photos...
Surprises in Bus Rogaine, 4 Aug 06
In 2005, teams from Christchurch and Auckland attended the City Safari in Lower Hutt with the help of NZOF. They both went back and planned similar events. Robyn and John Davies who have been orienteering as long as anyone in NZ report lots of surprises...
2007 Rogaine Champs Announced, 30 Jul 06
The 2007 NZ Rogaine Championship will be held in Marlborough on 3-4 March.
E Whakahoki ana Nga Kupu i roto i Nga Puke, 28 Jul 06
"Putting the words back in the hills" - a 6hr rogaine last weekend at Little River on Banks Peninsula. Bruce Meder's event in conjunction with Maori Language Week attracted 150; Chris Forne and Michael Smithson won ahead of supervets Andy Buchanan and Dave Laurie. More...
Score-filled Weekend, 12 Jul 06
Another busy weekend, with 6/3hour rogaines in Auckland (Lactic Turkey Huia), Upper Hutt (OHV 30th Birthday), Christchurch (Urban Safari with buses), and Dunedin (NZRA/Leith Valley Harriers). About 500 participants all up. Check out the results...
When 24hrs is Too Short, 5 Jul 06
A 24hr rogaine is peanuts for rogaine champions Aaron Prince and Chris Forne - they've just completed the Primal Quest adventure race in Utah. They covered 800km in 6 days to finished second - just 21min behind the winners! Event website..
Women in the Hunt, 27 Jun 06
Women were in the majority for the first Fox Hunt in Auckland on Sunday. All-women teams were first and second! Results...
Urban Rogaining in Chch Too, 21 Jun 06
Christchurch will run an urban rogaine on 8 July, with bus travel allowed like the pioneering City Safari. Details... Melbourne also has a "Public Transport Challenge" aimed at college students.
The Magic Number 700, 16 Jun 06
The organisers of the World Rogaining Champs have been able to increase the (landowner) limit from 500 to 700. Internationals will get priority and all on the list now will be accepted.
700 Rogainers, 11 Jun 06, updated 15 Jun
700 people went rogaining yesterday, generating 4-5000 hours of navigation. The Heights of Winter Rogaine near Cheviot... The Piha Rogaine near Auckland, which with 419 people has passed the 410-strong NZ record set by the World Champs rogaine in 2000.
Urban Rogaining Boost in Auckland, 15 Jun 06
NWOC has scheduled two more urban rogaines in Auckland in Oct/Nov, while "The Fox Hunt" is a series of 3-hour events on Sunday mornings in June, July and August.
Rogaine Raises Funds, 27 May 06
100 people rogained near Helensville on Saturday, in a fundraiser for the NZ team in the Junior World Orienteering Champs. "Two Stupid Dogs" sniffed out the biggest score.
Wellington Afterworks Resume, 25 May 06
After a gap Paul Abbott and Jim Jones set a delightful event with a concentration of controls in Wellington's historic inner suburbs. Greg Thurlow and Dave King won. Results.
World Champs Entries, Part II, 22 May 06, updated 25 May
As at yesterday there were 181 teams (400 individuals). The limit is 500 people; if you are planning to go, act now! Update 25 May: entry now full, waiting list has been started.
Heaps of Kiwis in Oz Champs, 24 May 06
Ex-kiwis figured in the top two mixed teams in Oz Rogaining Champs on 13-13 May - Karl Strode-Penny is a kiwi living in Australia and with Julie Quinn won by nearly 200 points. Vivien Prince finished 7th overall with Richard Robinson. Other kiwi results...
Councillor Knows his City, 20 May 06
Last year's 3-hour City Safari winners Andy Foster (WCC councillor) and Greg Thurlow moved up to 6 hours this year, and beat adventure racers Al Cross and Jill Westenra for the win by 100 points. Fiona Clendon and Pip le Couteur were the top women. More...
Safari Entry Full, 19 May 06
Entries have closed for the Wgtn City Safari at 270 - almost twice last year. T'Walk is also on in Canterbury this weekend, and OHV's afterwork rogaines resume next Wednesday.
No Mistakes for Storm, 11 May 06
Competing as "Southerly Storm Orienteers" Dennis de Monchy and Chris Forne won the Taylors Mistake series near Christchurch. They were behind until the third event. Results..
World Champs - Get In Quick, 5 May 06
At the close of early bird entry for the 7th World Rogaining Champs on 30 Apr there were 124 teams (269 individuals). There's a landowner-imposed limit of 500 people. Act now!
And Big May for Rogaining, 3 May 06
There are 10 events on the calandar for May, if you count OHV's classroom training. They occur from the Christchurch Port Hills to Helensville north of Auckland.
Big 2006 Programme, 1 May 06
Following the Tararua24, rogaine pioneer OHV has announced the rest of its 2006 programme: 5 training sessions, 8 afterwork rogaines, and 3 weekend events. Details...
Results for the first in the 2006 Taylors Mistake Series; winner's route.
Early Bird Entries for World Champs, 24 Apr 06
Taylors Mistake Series Back, 9 Apr 06
School Rogaining "The New Face of Orienteering", 12 Mar 06
The Exponential Sport: 150th rogaine in NZ, 17 Mar 06
Tararua24: Forne and Prince Retain Crown, 19 Feb 06; Results...
Tararua24: 80 Teams, Dry Weekend Forecast, 11 Feb 06
Tremendous Titahi Trot by Tiny Tim (Ten), 10 Feb 06
Location Revealed for World Champs, 1 Feb 06
Tararua24: Entry Date Imminent, 31 Jan 06
And Now... Underwater Rogaining, 26 Jan 06
Reminder: Partners Wanted page on this website


Tararua24: Embargo, 28 Dec 05
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2006 NZ Championship in Wairarapa, 1 Jun 05
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... Auckland Follows Suit and Wellington Serves Up Pizza 25 May 05
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Huge Boost to Rogaine Programme, 11 May 05, updated 12 May
On the Spur of the Moment, 2 May 05
Marlborough Details Announced, 14 Apr 05
City Safari Rides Again, 5 Apr 05
Website Up for Aussie World Champs, 30 Mar 05
Sheridan and Stowell Win Shoestring Series, 23 Mar 05
Forne NZ Champion Again, 1 Mar 05
60 After Work at Whakatane, 18 Feb 05
Wellington Rogainers Keen to Learn, 27 Jan 05
Spot the Quoll: Australian Rogaine Champs, 2 Jan 05


First Secondary School Rogaine, 19 Dec 04
Rogaines Make the Most of Summer Evenings, 10 Dec 04
NZ Champs to be near Middlemarch, 23 Nov 04
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Hot Rocs Results (and more...), 11 Nov 04
Rogaining in Wilderness, 23 Sep 04, picture added 11 Nov
Shoestring Almost Tied, 28 Oct 04
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Urban Rogaining in Hamilton, 8 Oct 04
Shock Death: Top Aussie Rogainer 24 Sep 04
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Whaka Forest for Rotorua's Next, 16 Sep 04
Sparkling Shoestring in Wellington, 9 Sep 04
Hutt Valley Offers Rogaine Training, 27 July 04
Adventure Racers Best on Buses,24 July 04, updated 26 July
Huia Mud a Great Leveller,13 July 04
Outback Oz Champs,13 July 04
Forne-Again in Heights of Winter, 6 July 04
280 in Piha Rogaine, 14 Jun 04
City Safari Breaks Rogaine Conventions, 11 June 04
Waikari 4hr Revisits 2003 HOW, 2 June 04, link reinstated 15 Jun
Heights of Winter Details Available, 18 May 04
Twalk (May 8/9) Results and Photos
World Champs - Down Under Duo Miss by a Whisker, 11 May 04, updated 16 May
Hopeful Rogaine Mastered, 29 Apr 04
Good Win in Hawkes Bay, 20 Apr 04
Rogaine with a Difference, 8 Apr 04
Partners/Transport Wanted, Updated 2 Apr 04
Full Splits for NZ Rogaine Champs, 29 Mar 04
Rogaine Bonanza... Continues, 17 Mar 04, updated 23 Mar
Tough Championship at Wairamarama, 8 Mar 04, results final 21 Mar
Reminder: Entry at Standard rates to the World Rogaine Champs close 1 March
So do the NZ Champs. Check Partners Wanted.
75th Rogaine held in New Zealand, 15 Feb 04
2006 World Rogaine Champs Awarded, 3 Feb 04
NZ Champs Details Available, 19 Jan 04, updated 31 Jan


Stuart Lynch-pin at Riverhead, 22 Dec 03
Juniors Blitz in Woodhill, 11 Dec 03
2004 NZ Champs Announced, 5 Dec 03
Reminder: Earlybird Entry to World Rogaine Champs close 31 Dec
Korowai Winners Nearly Scoop, 5 Dec 03
Mist Blankets Colonial Challenge, 25 Nov 03, updated 5 Dec
Eastbourne Escapes Cold Front, 13 Nov 03
Korowai All Set to Go, 10 Nov 03
Rotorua Off the Mark, 10 Nov 03
Wellington Shoestring Details Announced, 15 Oct 03, updated 6 Nov
Two in a Row for Edwards, 30 Oct 03
Massive Turnout for Chch Twilight, 28 Oct 03
Unknown Wins Wellington Shoestring, 16 Oct 03, updated 17 Oct
Rogaines on Foot and MTB in Auckland, 15 Oct 03
First Rogaine in Bay of Plenty, 13 Oct 03
Christchurch, New Plymouth Afterwork Rogaines, 16 Sep 03, link added 8 Oct
Colonial Rogaine Rescheduled, Wellington Shoestring Dates Set, updated 16 Sep 03
First Buller Rogaine, 9 Sep 03
Lots More Results, 8 Sep 03
Sports Trust Offers Rogaine, 27 Aug 03
New Member on RogaineNZ Committee, 27 July 03
Cascade of Rogaines from LacticTurkey, 24 July 03
First Rogaine for Hamilton OC, 23 July 03
World Marathon-Orienteering Trophy Inches Forward, 10 July 03
Two More EPIC's; and Piha Results Now There, also Photos, 9 July 03
Mixed Teams Top Heights of Winter, 18 June 03, photos added 8 July, map added 9 July
Record Field for Heights of Winter, 26 May 03, updated 9 June
Sixth World Champ Website Announced, 26 May 03
Action on World Marathon-Orienteering Trophy? 26 May 03
First-Equal Placings Awarded in Autumn Mist, 18 May 03
Not the Murrays After All, 12 May 03
Murrays favoured for Marlborough Rogaine, 1 May 03
Sixth Heights of Winter Rogaine Coming Up, 29 Apr 03
Colonial Rogaine Off, 28 Mar 03
Nelson Tries Rogaining, 24 Mar 03
Multisporters Dominate Rogaine Champs, 24 Mar 03
Autumn Mist (17 May) Entry Forms Out, 2 Mar 03
10hr Rogaine Near Wellington, 20 Feb 03
Tassie Heat Beats Kiwis, 3 Feb 03, more added 7 Feb
2003 NZ Rogaine Championship Confirmed, 3 Feb 03


Rogainers Scoop the Pool, 8 Nov 02
Milestone in New Zealand Rogaining, 4 Nov 02, updated 6 Feb 03
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World Champs as seen by the Winning Mixed Super-Vets, 25 Aug 02
Barbour Retains World 24 Hour Title 30 July 02, photo added 6 Sep
E.P.I.C Rogaine Website (link) 24 July 02
Raggedy E.P.I.C Rogaine (Central Otago) Announced
Hope-full Rogaine (Marlborough) New Date - Updated News , Updated 7 July 02
Rogaining South Island Style - Mike Sheridan reports on Heights of Winter, Updated 4 July 02
Murrays High on Heights of Winter, Updated 27 Jun 02
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6 out of 6 for McLeod, Updated 27 Jun 02
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Rogaine Experience Wins 24-hr MTB Race, 25 Jun 02
And Auckland Joins The Fray, 6 Jun 02
New Events in Central Otago, 15 May 02
Squires/Kennedy/Kennedy Do It Again! 1 May 02
The "Partner Wanted" section has been extended to include Transport, see below, 23 Apr 02
New Rogaining Body Formed, 17 Apr 02
Heights of Winter Info and Entry Form 15 Apr 02
Taranaki Rogainers Scoop at Eastbourne, Updated 16 Apr 02
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Canty T'Walk On; Q'Town Epic Off, 10 Apr 02
Rogaine Coaching Offered in Hutt Valley, 6 Mar 02
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Wairarapa Rogaine Cancelled, 17 Feb 02
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20 Plenty for First Taranaki Rogaine, 4 Feb 02, map added 7 Feb 02
"Partner Wanted" has been made a permanent section, see below, 22 Jan 02
Barbour Destroys Another Partner, 10 Jan 02
Australian Rogaine Championship Details Announced, 10 Jan 02
International Rogaining Website, 10 Jan 02


Marlborough - Big Enough for a 24hr, 3 Dec 01, photos added 23 Jan 02
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British Pair Win Mens Title in World Marathon-O Trophy, 29 Oct 01
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5th World Rogaining Champs Entry Form Available, 16 Aug 01
Bootlaces and Shoelaces Explained, 14 Aug 01
Australia Claims Rogaining Record, 27 July 01
Marlborough Offers "Bootlace" Event in August, 17 July 01
Sixth World Champs Allocated, 4 July 01
Think about the Next World Champs, 25 May 01
King and Holden Win in Wairarapa, 20 May 01
Waiouru Rogaine Off, 11 May 01
Sometimes you get lucky with a Point-and-Shoot...
Wairamarama, the morning after the rogaine. 27 Apr 01

Heights of Winter Date Announced, 8 Apr 01
Limestone Downs Delights, 26 Mar 01
Twalk and Autumn Mist Details Here, 26 Mar 01
Auckland's First Rogaine Attracts 70, 19 Mar 01
Entry Forms Available for Auckland Rogaine, 7 Feb 01
Date Change for Wairarapa Rogaine, 30 Jan 01
Date Change for Auckland Rogaine, 12 Jan 01


Rogaining to Feature in Wilderness, 20 Dec 00
Marlborough Prepares 12 Months Out, 17 Dec 00 (Picture added 12 Mar 01)
Three Bids for 6th World Champs, 11 Dec 00
Tough Terrain Beats Rogainers, 11 Dec 00
Partners (still) Wanted for Epo Challenge, 7 Dec 00
Marlborough Shoestring Pulls Them In, 7 Dec 00
Latest Wgtn Shoestring info, 5 Dec 00
Shoestring Rogaine in Blenheim, 18 Nov 00
Three NZers Place in World Marathon-O Series, 8 Nov 00
HVOC Rogaine Entry Form Available, 31 Oct 00
Second EPIC run at Queenstown, 13 Oct 00
Wgtn Shoestring Rogaines on again, 11 Oct 00
Rimutaka Forest Park chosen for December Rogaine, 9 Sep 00
Australian Landowner Pleased with Rogainers, 9 Sep 00
Prominent newpaper columnist one of the landowners for Oz Champs.
Rogaine Committee Appointed, 3 Sep 00
Outstanding Kiwi Result in Oz Champs, 9 Aug 00
Mixed Team wins Heights of Winter, 24 July 00
Rogaine Partner Wanted: Oz Champs, 20 May 00
Third Winter Rogaine Entry Form Available, 20 May 00
NZOF To Form Rogaine Committee, installed 28 Apr 00
Wairarapa Unable to run May Rogaine, revised 12 Apr 00
Rogaine used to Train Soldiers, installed 26 Jan 00
World Rogaine Results, installed 17 Jan 00
World Rogaine Chances, installed 8 Jan 00


World Rogaine Team Changes, updated 29 Dec 99
International Meeting prior to World Rogaine, installed 27 Dec 99
Latest Lowdown on World Rogaine Entries, installed 19 Dec 99
Partner Wanted for World Rogaine Champs, installed 17 Dec 99
Good Turnout in Marlborough Shoestring, installed 15 Dec 99
Gazley/Tait Win Last Rogaine before World Champs, installed 7 Dec 99
Shoestring Rogaine in Marlborough, installed 20 Nov 99
TV Mast Invisible in Mist, installed 19 Nov 99
Kiwis in Oz Rogaining Champs, installed 6 Nov 99
Rogainers Head for Windmill, installed 21 Oct 99
More Entries for World Rogaine Champs, installed 20 Oct 99
New Rogaining Book, installed 20 Oct 99
20 Brave Weather at Eastbourne, installed 7 Oct 99
More "Shoestring" Afterwork Rogaines, installed 13 Sep 99
"Aucklander" wins Belmont Rogaine, installed 26 Aug 99
Entries Flow In for World Champ, installed 19 July 99
Army Again in Heights of Winter, installed 4 July 99 and updated 28 July
NZ Awarded Marathon Trophy Event, installed 4 July 99
Fifth World Rogaining Champs to Czech, installed 20 June 99
Army Pair Sees Through Autumn Mist, updated 24 May 99
NZ Applies for World Marathon O Trophy, installed 2 May 99


Mixed pair Wins Makara Rogaine, installed 6 Dec 98

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