Australian Rogaine Championship Announced

27-28 April, near Canberra

Details for the Australian Rogaine Championship for 2002 are now available. The event will be held on 27-28 April about 90 minutes south of Canberra. The terrain is described as "undulating to steep" which brings to mind the 2000 event in the Hunter Valley in which kiwi teams were 3rd and 4th.

There will be buses to the event from Canberra, and other options for kiwis to get there would include buses being arranged from Sydney and Melbourne by those state rogaining associations. Couldn't be easier, cash in those air points before the airlines go under!

The details are on the ACT Rogaine website including online entry.

This info was supplied by course planner Geoff Mercer who is also the secretary of the ACT Rogaining Assn and the Australian Rogaining Assn! A dedicated enthusiast! This posting loaded 10 Jan 02