Marlborough Rogaine Entries

A great entry for Marlborough's first rogaine. Those of you on the list will have this by now, but here it is so the others can seee what they] are missing.

Should be a good tussle on the open between Rob Jessop/Mark Lawson and Darren Ashmore/Phil Wood, but Chris Forne got second at Solomons throne didn't he? Andy Rhodes is handy on a bike, did anyone tell you this is on foot Andy? Tony and Warren Le Sueur are locals but have impressed in some of the earlier Wellington rogaines. And of course there's all the dark horses that we don't know much about. Just as well the Eco Challenge, Southern Traverse and Mizone race have taken the stuffing out of all those multi sporters...

That was just the M category, oldies have been known to scoop the pool in this game, but we hear that the Squires/KennedyX2 team is suffering in the knee department. Chris Tait and Tony Gazley won the second NZ Rogaine Champs way back in 97 and have done several of the World Champs including 3rd Vet Men at Solomons Throne. Dave Laurie has done a few internationally and his partner Tom Barnfield used to be good in the days of mountain marathons.

Rachel and Rebecca Smith are the only open women we know much about, Rachel was in the winning OW team at Solomons. Marcus King and Irene Pow were best of the local Open mixed there, now they are VX so watch them. But let's face it we know stuff-all about many of the names so a few of you will have the last laugh I'm sure. Enjoy yourselves...

NO.	Grade	Names		
1     X     Andreas Kubisch & Cherie Marshall                Wellington	
2     XSV   Peter Squires, Anne Kennedy & Bill Kennedy       Leeston		
3           Michael Wood & TBA                               Lower Hutt	
4     MV    Dave Laurie & Tom Bamfield                       Christchurch	
5     X     Warren McKie & Kath Copland                      Christchurch	
6     WN    Kate Batten & Katie Rattray                      Blenheim	
7     X     Maureen McCloy & Mike Flaws                      Christchurch	
8     MV    Barry Hope & Colin Hope                    Blenheim & Cromwell	
9     M     Team Mondo Enterprises - Mondo Kopua & Jut Bishop Blenheim		
10    M     Luke Paardekooper & Ross Barnes                  Eastbourne	
11    XN    Andrew Robbie, Peter Campbell & Jenny Campbell   Wellington		
12    WVN   Julie Saul & Penny Dollimore                     Blenheim	
13    WN    Jenny Biddulph, Jane Mitchell & Sandra Steingrimsson Blenheim		
14    M     Steven Knowles & Malcolm Chiles                  Wellington	
15    X     Trish Faulkner & Simon Faulkner      Christchurch & Nth Island	
16    XN    Richard Law & Gillian McCloy                     Blenheim	
17    WV    Hilary Frewin & Sharon Adamson                   Rahotu	
18    MV    Mike Sheridon & Allan Stowell                    Wellington	
19    MV    Mark Wheeler & Alan Wilson                       Blenheim	
20    XV    Annie Sanderson & Nick Collins                   New Plymouth	
21    M     Alan Stow & Ron Rumbal                           Christchurch	
22    MV    Chris Tait & Tony Gazley                         Wellington	
23    W     Rachel Smith & Rebecca Smith                     Christchurch	
24    W     Chris Byrch & Ali Bell                           Christchurch	
25    W     Linda Lilburne & Heather North                   Christchurch	
26    XV    Lesley Woudberg & Jac Woudberg                   Christchurch	
27    WV    Wendy Nelson & Lisa Pilkington                   Christchurch	
28    M     Varian Wilson, Nick Boniface & Pat Vandepol      Christchurch		
29    M     Clive Marsh & Ross McLean                        Christchurch	
30    M     Kalle Pokkinen, Brent Adcock & John Veal         Wellington	
31    M     Chris Forne & Steve Fortune                      Christchurch	
32    M     Julian Maclaren, Michael Smithson & Joe Jagusch  Christchurch		
33    XFN   James Scott & Katie Scott                        Lower Hutt	
34    M     Alan Lowrie & Mike Lowrie                        Wellington	
35    XV    Irene Pow & Marcus King                          Christchurch	
36    XV    Dorothy Kane & Neil Kane                         Wellington	
37    M     Andy Rhodes & Bruce McBride                      Christchurch	
38    MN    Barry Moore & Shawn Black                        Blenheim	
39    M     Mark Botting, Chris Muller & Pat McLarin         Christchurch	
40    XVN   Jane Minto & Colin Findlay                       Blenheim	
41    M     Doug Walsh & Mike Walsh                          Christchurch	
42    M     Tony LeSueur & Warren LeSueur                    Blenheim	
43    XF    Pat Bodger, Kate Bodger & Frances Bodger         Christchurch	
44    WVN   Nicky Bodger & Frances Wall                      Christchurch	
45    XJN   Frith Dollimore, Ben Irving, Steph Kerr & Sam Reed Blenheim		
46    MV    Neil Higgins, Cliff Jones & Rod Smillie          Kaponga	
47    X     Bob Cunninghame, Franciesca, Julie Grant & Melanie Stephen Dunedin		
48    M     Ramash Swamy, Mark Anderson & Chris Short        Hawera		
49    XV    Linda Mead & Derek Mead                          Lower Hutt	
50    X     Charlie Hand, Carol Hand, John Hayes & Megan Watson Christchurch		
51    MF    Des O'Regan & Duncan O'Regan                     Lyttelton	
52    MN    Russell Nicholls & Phillip Nicholls              Alexandra	
53    M     Richard Hobbs, Lyndon Paynter & Tim Hartnell     Christchurch		
54    X     Janet Wilson, Graham Peters & Yvette Cottam      Manawatu		
55    M     Rob Jessop & Mark Lawson                         Auckland	
56    MN    Al Cross & Nigel Corry                           Wellington	
57    MV    Maurice Brown, Allistair Christie & Trevor Merrifield Blenheim & Chch		
58    XN    Graeme Ellis, Jessica, Mike Ferguson, Reuben, & Emma Blenheim		
59    MN    Fergus McConnell & Grant Allan                   Awapiri & Corleggy	
60    X     Sarah Underwood & William Power                  Wellington	
61    M     Phil Bones, Dave Wall & David Bones              Christchurch	
62    M     Paul Stenhouse & Mark Lewis                      Dunedin	
63    XN    Helen Chapman, Gary Smith & Julian Morris        Blenheim	
64    MVN   Chris James, Tony Reidie & Peter Young           Nelson	
65    WV    Pam Whitla & Kathrin Mueller                     Christchurch	
66    M     Phil Wood & Darren Ashmore                       Auckland	
67    WN    Mea Ivory & Sue McFadgen                         Blenheim	
68    XV    Liz Nicholson & Jim Alpe                         Carterton	
69    MN    Kyle Christensen & Mark Preece                   Blenheim	
70          David King & TBA                                 Wellington	

Written by Michael Wood and installed on 23 Nov 01