Hot Rocs Results (and more...)

Alister Coulter writes about the Hot Rocs Rogaine on 30 Oct

29 teams in the second of Rotorua's rogaines. The area used was the Redwood, Whakarewarewa and Highlands Forests, so it covered the park-like area touching suburbia through native bush and exotic forest to the stark felled hills east of the Green Lake. Click on the little photos for bigger ones.

The main map was a 1:33,333 MTBO map, sized this way to get the maximum onto an A3 page, we also had a smaller 1:10,000 orienteering map covering the Redwood forest, 300 points up for grabs on that map. There were 2100 points on offer, the Auckland pair of Fiona McBryde and Gus Grey got 1590 of them, followed by Hamish and Rachel Goodwin on 1370, in the 8 hour event. Terry Russell and Doug Compson came in with 720 points in the 4 hour event.

We had a large contingent of Hawkes Bay people, all doing pretty well. The highest local team came in 5th highest on the points tally, Mark McKenna and Roger Pooley often train in the area, but found they had bitten off more they could chew with their plan, even to the extent of throwing up at the top of a hill climb, pace a little hot.

We had a good bunch of first time teams that enjoyed the day, one struggled with temperature and came in early, the tea in the thermos was getting cold, wine in the car warm. One member of the team had also turned her ankle early in the day, so was glad to sit down, elevate the ankle and apply ice to a gin and tonic. They had prime seats for the finish, which is always fun to watch.

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