Hawkes Bay Rogaine Announced

The Hawkes Bay Orienteering Club, organiser of the Omakere Rogaine in 1999 and an earlier one at Smedley, has announced plans to hold a rogaine in December this year. The proposed date is 7 December, and those with long memories will know that the first Saturday in December has always had good weather. (Maybe the temperatures for the Karapoti Rogaine were too good - the highest December temperatures on record?)

The organisers are keen to provide some night navigation, but not keen to encourage participants to drive long distances after being out all night! So they are thinking of perhaps a noon-to-midnight event, where you can crawl into a tent for a snooze after the counting up has been done and the results announced.

Put this date into your diaries now! Enquiries to Geoff Morrison Ph 06 877 4870

Written by Michael Wood and installed on 25 Feb 02.