Wairarapa Unable to run May Rogaine

And PAPO changes its Midwinter Date

The Wairarapa OC has announced that it is unable to run its rogaine planned for 6 May. And PAPO has advised that its midwinter event will now be on Jun 24, one week later than planned. (Not earlier as erroneously written here before.)

The small Wairarapa club is in the thick of organising the National Orienteering Championships, which consist of a classic event, two short-distance events and a relay. This scale of event is normally shared between clubs, so it is understandable that there are no spare resources available to run a rogaine less than one month later!

And due to landowner requirements, the Midwinter Rogaine in Canterbury will be run on June 24 (note change from previous advice), one week later than previously planned. We all appreciate the importance of land access, so of course we agree with this. The Peninsula and Plains Orienteers have run two midwinter events recently as well as the fourth World Rogaine Championship, and must be acknowledged as the foremost rogaining club in the country.

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