Spring Mystery Madness Rogaine

Port Hills, Christchurch, 15 Oct 05

12, 6 and 3 hours, daylight. Planners 3rd-year students, B.Ed.Adv.Rec., Chch Poly, under the supervision of

To the Question and Answer controls in the Spring Mystery Madness, student planners added in the old favourite - letters which spelt the word S-A-N-D-P-I-T. Prizes of course were to be found in the sandpit at the school where the 12/6/3hr event started and finished.

But this was a real rogaine, with 4 third-year students in the Batchelor of Education in Adventure Recreation having modified the topo map in OCAD, sought permission for non-public areas on the Port Hills between Dyers Pass and Sumner, planned the course using question-and-answer controls, advertised the event and run it on the day. Other students used the event for different assignments, including video filming experience and safety planning. Supervisor Jean Cory-Wright reports another by-product - the map is now on sale to the public through event sponsor Mapworld. And the original objective - a better map for her navigation teaching and training.

There were 150 participants including first and second-year students. Results have some gaps.

12 Hour

  1. Gingernut Express Tim Sikma Ollie Clifton 2270
  2. A Little Late Chris Forne Emily Wall 2220
  3. Zipideedoodas Craig Tregurtha Koleighne Ford 2180
  4. Bart Greg Thurlow David King 2170
  5. De Lacey Guy de Lacey Emma de Lacey 1790
  6. Sparky Phil Bones Stephen John 1720
  7. Knob and Knockers Duncan Sherratt Kathy Conlon Mary Butler 1710
  8. Bartcam Jason Bartlett Greg Campbell 1660
  9. Truncated Oldies Bill Kennedy Anne Kennedy 1620
  10. Poland or Bust Alister Metherell Dave Armstrong Bill McSweeney 1610
  11. Towing The Line Mondo Kopua Lisa Kane 1570
  12. Moa Hunters Trish Faulkner Joy Talbot 1560
  13. Lemon Merangue Andrew Johnston Mark Flintoff Graeme Noble 1530
  14. Up and Down Colin Dixon Caroline Elliott Harvey Tyler 1480
  15. Young/Mulligan Hugo Young Guy Mulligan 1470
  16. Port Hills Geriatrix Wayne Millow Trevor Merrifield 1450
  17. Whatever Gordon Thrower Gordon Smith Lance Farrar 1450
  18. Shizzle and the Nizzle Buzz Russell Tim Nugteren 1390
  19. Wacky Wearing Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men Rowan Sinto Amber Sintonn 1300
  20. Team Jura Fiona Miller Dennis de Monchy 1290
  21. The Hard Outs Greg Adams Scott Gathro Matt Gleeson 1290
  22. The Lollypops Andrew McGowan Kathrin Mueller 1290
  23. Coalminers Steven Nedden Paulette Birchfield Ken Richardson 1230
  24. Connolly Kathy Connolly Nick Treadgold Sean Thomson 1190
  25. Forever Young Steve Petty Kevin Stobbs Bruce Whale 1180
  26. Old Age and Treachery Warren McKie Kath Copland 1090
  27. De Snoz Michelle Grant Jane Aistrope Jamie 1040
  28. Blind Faith Tim Jowett Phil Nicholls Russell Nicholls Dave Charters 1030
  29. Spring Chooks Frances Wall Jenny MacLaren Jan Maister 990
  30. Gods and Heroes Angelika Merkel Emmanuel Buschiazzo Camilo Rodriguez 630

6 Hour

  1. Andreas Andreas Kacofegitis Robert Loveridge Calir Muir 1280
  2. Meder/Prince Bruce Meder Viv Prince 1240
  3. Guile and Cunning Ian Forne Alan Rogers 1230
  4. Dazed and Confused Alan Stow Stuart Payne 1220
  5. Could Be You Too Jo Holden Chris Sherwood 1070
  6. Mainland Great Outdoors Alasdair Duncan Aline Taylor Eric Bunce 1030
  7. Dads At Home Heather Bushaway Sharon English 990
  8. In The Buff Michelle Meaclem Jo Allan Helen O'Neill 950
  9. Lilburne/North Linda Lilburne Heather North 880
  10. All 4 Fun Cameron MacPherson Sean Gardiner Geraldine Gardiner Myles Mackintosh 850
  11. Control Freaks Vicki Conradson Chrys Horn 820
  12. SS Tuboyes Nick Bryan Susan Lilley Sarah Tammik Jordy Hendrikx 810
  13. Nuggies Rowan Nugteren Jim Nugteren 800
  14. CRT Racing Tony McKay Clive Howard Williams Rebecca Westbury 790
  15. Stumblers Rex Williams Alan Webb 760
  16. Love the Port Not the Hills Kerry Sinclair Pat O'Brien Pip Calvert Jo Turnball 720
  17. Hunter Anne Hunter Grant Hunter 680
  18. Lost Jim Walker Garth Dibley 560
  19. Three Amigos Sharon Gorenlock Rachel Parsons Peter Wilson 520

3 Hour

  1. Harrisons 2 Ian Harrison Jan Harrison 450
  2. Highly Sprung Piers MacLaren 280
  3. Clements Saskia Clements Tim Clements Nick Gee 210
  4. Nick and Gill Over The Hills Nicky Bodger Gill Charters 170
  5. Moore/Donovan Michelle Moore Rebecca Donovan 10


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