World Masters Orienteering Championship, April 2017

Summary of OHV Results

Full results on the Champs website and on Winsplits. Maps, courses and routes are on Route Gadget.

The qualifier system puts the top 80 across all heats into the A-final, the next 80 into the B, and so on.
If there are less than 160 in the class, the top half go into the A-final, except for some of the oldest classes.
When looking at the results remember that some classes have a couple of hundred competitors!

Here's a list of orienteers in our (WOA) area who got into the top 10 of the A-final.

M35 Karl Dravitzki, OT, 4thM35 Karl Dravitzki, OT, 2nd
W40 Ocean Mercier, WOC, 10th 
W45 Susan Edwards, OHV, 9th 
W50 Yvette Baker, WOC, 2ndW50 Yvette Baker, WOC, 5th
M50 Bill Edwards, OHV, 3rdM50 Bill Edwards, M50, 2nd
W55 Carey Nazzer, OT, 3rdW55 Carey Nazzer, OT, 1st
M60 Ted van Geldermalsen, OHV, 8th 
W70 Jill Dalton, OHV, 4thW70 Jill Dalton, OHV, 5th
W70 Kate Fortune, WOC, 7th 
M70 Michael Wood, OHV, 7thM70 Michael Wood, OHV, 6th
 W80 Bunny Rathbone, HBOC, 4th

And here are all the OHV members' results.

Name, ClassSprint
Susan Edwards, W4515 (1 heat)9(A)12 (1 heat)19 (1 heat)12(A)
Margi Freemantle, W6016 (2 heats)MP(A)15 (2 heats)25 (2 heats)45(A)
Jill Dalton, W705 (1 heat)4(A)4 (1 heat)10 (1 heat)5(A)
Bill Edwards, M501 (2 heats)**3(A)**4 (2 heats)12 (2 heats)**2(A)**
Andrew Riddle, M5023 (2 heats)37(A)38 (2 heats)33 (2 heats)3(B)
Pat van Berkel, M5045 (2 heats)25(B)M60 50 (2 heats)M60 32 (2 heats)M60-21(B)
Simon Rea, M5537 (2 heats)63(A)50 (2 heats)39 (2 heats)20(B)
Ted van Geldermalsen, M602 (2 heats)8(A)2 (2 heats)7 (2 heats)11(A)
Michael Wood, M703 (2 heats)7(A)2 (3 heats)10 (3 heats)6(A)
Gavin Scott, M7514 (1 heat)17(A)19 (1 heat)27 (1 heat)11(A)

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