St Pats OMaxWed 6/11/2019 9:52 PM
Preliminary resultscreated by OE2010 © Stephan Krämer SportSoftware 2017

NB "mp" means a variety of things - from one wrong or missing control to did not finish or telling the computer a different course from the one you actually did. Contact for any queries.

These results posted 6 Nov 19. Starts 32. Course Planner and Controller Ocean Mercier and Pat van Berkel.

Open and Veteran F was the same course as Open and Veteran S, but in a different order. Medium A and Medium C were similar. Go to WinSplits, for detailed timing data.

Open F (8/8)Status of: 9:50 PM
132Lizzie InghamWOC Wellington24:27
27Magnus BengtssonWOC Wellington30:17
318Alex MonktelowOTH Other30:52
421Ellie MolloyWOC Wellington31:26
58Nicholas GreenOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley33:21
65Alex JackNEWL Newlands College36:18
716Melissa MurrihyOTH Other36:31
86Ben SmedingeWOC Wellington37:22
Open S (7/7)Status of: 9:50 PM
131Stuart EnglebeckWOC Wellington24:38
227Keiran EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley29:14
323Tessa RamsdenRK Red Kiwis33:13
417Nick KalivatiOTH Other37:22
54Liam NaughtonNEWL Newlands College46:35
63Max MawbyWOC Wellington54:16
25Oliver EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valleydnf
Veteran (Over 40)F (5/5)Status of: 9:50 PM
130Bill EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley25:04
213Bill TrompetterOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley28:37
31Michael WoodOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley39:33
429Paul ClarkeWOC Wellington40:35
526Susan EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley44:17
Veteran (Over 40)S (4/4)Status of: 9:50 PM
12Andrew RiddleOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley31:41
219Will ValeWOC Wellington35:39
311William PowerWOC Wellington39:12
15John RobertsonOHV Orienteering Hutt Valleymp
Medium (Others)A (3/3)Status of: 9:50 PM
19Joel GreenOTH Other23:07
228Larissa EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley26:36
320Laura ValeWOC Wellington30:42
Medium (Others)C (2/2)Status of: 9:50 PM
122Chris and MeganHB Hawkes Bay21:17
212Barbara BridgerOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley48:15
Short (3/3)Status of: 9:50 PM
114Scott GavinOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley17:37
210Rebecca FreeridOTH Other35:16
324Mattias BengtssonWOC Wellington41:19