Bill Wins Big QB Competiton

Queens Birthday 3-day 2016, Horowhenua

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In spite of course planning duties today, Bill Edwards was OHV's best runner at the 3-day event on the weekend. He won M40 on Sat and Sun before heading out to place controls for today. Other wins were scored by Lynette Porter (W40B Sat), Jill Dalton (W70 Sat), Sophie Smith (JGB Sun, Mon), Lisa Caulfield (W21A Sun), and Gavin Scott (M70, Mon).

The weekend was a cooperation between Wgtn OC and OHV, with WOC providing the overall management including results, while OHV contributed volunteers over the three days, and the map and courses for Day 3. The map was a complete re-work of the coastal part of "A Map Called Wanda" now named Walda. Bill Edwards planned the courses, and Susan Edwards was the controller. There were 80 controls and 7 marked routes on Day 3, probably more on the other days!

Several competitons rested on the results. World Ranking points for elite orienteers, in which complex statistics enables comparison with athletes all round the world. A test match between Australia and NZ elites, with junior elites added for the first time. The final round of the Superseries. A regional schools competition. Trials for a school team to compete in Australia in September. And not forgetting our regional WOA Championship in the Middle (Sat) and Long (Sun) distances. Our region is the southern North Island, including Taranaki and Hawkes Bay.

But right now here's a summary of the OHV individual results. Bear in mind the event attracted 450 people including Australians and especially large junior fields. SBA (Senior Boys A), SBB, SGA, SGB, JGA, JGB, JBA, JBB replaced M/W-14 and M/W-16 so that classes aligned with those used in the Sec Sch competitions.

Kudos to those members who achieved placings, considering the size of the competition. WOA Champions are shown with an asterisk.

  Middle Long Classic
Victoria Caulfield Most of W10N
Also string course
Georgie Smith 11th W12A 8th W12A * 9th W12A
Larissa Edwards 10th W12A 9th W12A  
Annemaree Deed   12th W12A  
Amber Riddle 6th JGA * 8th JGA 9th JGA
Josie Reeves 15th JGA 4th JGA * 7th JGA
Sarah Przychodzko 10th JGA    
Sophie Smith 2nd JGB 1st JGB 1st JGB
Lisa Caulfield 2nd W21A 1st W21AS  
Susan Edwards 3rd W40A    
Rachel Drew 10th W40A 6th W40A 8th W40A
Raewyn Peters 3rd W40B 3rd W40B  
Lynette Porter 1st W40B 4th W40B  
Margi Freemantle 15th W50A 13th W50A 13th W50A
Anna Robertson 13th W50A 20th W50A 9th W50A
Jill Dalton 1st W70A * 2nd W70A 2nd W70A
Barbara Bridger DNF W70A 6th W70A 6th W70A
Kieran Edwards 13th JBA 11th JBA 35th JBA
Oliver Edwards 29th JBA 35th JBA 26th JBA
William Smith DNF JBA 47th JBA 48th JBA
Stefan Przychodzko 15th SBA    
Bill Edwards 1st M40A * 1st M40A *  
Liam Drew 5th M40A 6th M40A 10th M40A
Andrew Smith 4th M40B 4th M40B MP M40B
Ted van Geldermalsen 6th M50A * 10th M50A 8th M50A
John Robertson 15th M50A 5th M50A * 6th M50A
Andrew Riddle 20th M50A 15th M50A 13th M50A
Pat van Berkel 31st M50A 27th M50A 14th M50A
Simon Rea 29th M50A 28th M50A  
Michael Wood 5th M60A    
Alex Bridger 21st M60A 15th M60A 13th M60A
Gavin Scott 2nd M70A * 2nd M70A * 1st M70A


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