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What is Orienteering?

It is about using a map, and sometimes a compass to navigate courses on foot, over farm, forest or bush country. Orienteering events are held in all sorts of interesting places around the Hutt Valley and Wellington, and further afield.

All local clubs have courses for the very young, beginners and family groups, as well as for the experienced orienteer. Some events include courses especially for school age children, and string courses for the pre-readers.

Best of all it's a friendly sport, where beginners and the experienced can mix and enjoy their sport together.

What do I need?

Suitable clothing and shoes that have some grip on grass. Bring a drink and some food if necessary. If you have a compass it could be useful.

Where can I try it?

The clubs of the Wellington Orienteering Association organize events on most weekends, and some evenings throughout the year. Newcomers are welcome at all but one or two of these events. Listed under Coming Event Details are the events in the southern North Island, with more detail as the events get closer. Depending on the level of event, the cost is between $2 and $10 and includes a map. Assistance for new comers is available at most events and families and groups are able to go out together at all local events.

Competitive Orienteering

For those who want the challenge of competition, regional competitive events are available at intervals. These include events in the Orienteer of the Year series, plus the various regional championship events. For these events it is often necessary to travel further afield, into the Wairarapa or as far north as Wanganui.

Affiliation to a regional association through membership of a club is essential to have results recorded. At the national level there are a range of championship and badge events held throughout the year. Most of these are multi-day events at holiday periods. They give those interested the opportunity to visit new places as well as more challenging orienteering.

Affiliation to the national body through membership of a club is required for competition in these events.

Recreational Orienteering

Courses suitable for all ages and all standards of orienteers are available at all these regional and national events. Less competitive members of orienteering families may thus join in and enjoy the challenge of having a go on more complex maps. Nobody will abuse you for sitting down on your course or taking in the view. At some club events, it is possible to ask that your time is not published.

Other Forms of Orienteering

There's a long-distance form of orienteering called Rogaining. In a classic rogaine you collect as many points as you can in a period of 24 hours, but anything over about 3 hours can be called a rogaine. The map is likely to be a standard topo map, participants walk most of the way, and you do it in pairs or groups up to 5.

You can also orienteer on a bike, and this is called MTB-Orienteering. or MTBO for short. And although opportunities in NZ are limited, there's a branch called Ski-Orienteering.

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