NZ Orienteering Championship, Easter Weekend 2018

Summary of OHV Results

Full results on the Champs website and on Winsplits.

Relay Results, Open, 38 teams
Winner (HBOC) 1:39:26
OHV Team 1 (Kieran Edwards, Alexandra Riddle, Oliver Edwards) 2:48:35, 26th.

Relay Results, Masters (M/W40-), 27 teams
Winner (PAPO) 1:12:58
OHV Team 2 (Ted van Geldermalsen, Susan Edwards, Bill Edwards) 1:25:18, 3rd
Andrew Riddle also ran in a composite team with a couple of Australians.

Relay Results, Veterans (M/W60-), 13 teams
Winner (WOC) 1:13:32
OHV Team 3 (Pat van Berkel, Margi Freemantle, Michael Wood) 1:33:13, 6th

Individual Results
Name, usual ClassSprintMiddleLong
Larissa Edwards, W12A8109
Amber Riddle, W18A2DNS1
Alexandra Riddle, W21A735
Susan Edwards, W45AMP31
Anna Robertson, W50A10 8
Margi Freemantle, W60A977
Jill Dalton, W70A145
Kieran Edwards, M16A777
Oliver Edwards, M16A18119
Bill Edwards, M50A111
John Robertson, M50A8MP9
Pat van Berkel, M55A24 (M50)918
Andrew Riddle, M50AMP1713
Ted van Geldermalsen, M60113
Michael Wood, M70A252

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