Rugged NZ Championships

Easter 2016, Nelson/St Arnaud

After the sprint in Nelson city, the other three races all took place round the mountain village of St Arnaud, on the shores of Lake Rotoiti.

A picture-perfect spot, but the thickness of the native forest wasn't to everyone's liking. The relay however finished the weekend on Teetotal Flats where fast running between the manuka alternated with tight controls in the bush.

With our star performers both at the large British event, the "J.K." we were never going to win the relay, which was taken by Peninsula and Plains for the fourth year in a row. Chris Forne overtook North-West's Cameron de L'Isle in the tricky last loop after the spectator control.

Bill Edwards, Alexandra and Andrew Riddle led the Hutt Attack, coming in 15th, just after Nelson's top team. John Robertson, Amber Riddle and Pat van Berkel placed 25th with Andrew Bridger, Anna Robertson adn Michael Wood 36th. There were 56 teams in the premium long class.

In the short class Kieran, Larissa and Oliver Edwards placed 15th, while Susan Edwards, Mandira Bridger and Gavin Scott ran so fast they don't appear in the results!

Results of the individual championships are on the Nationals website including links to Route Gadget and Winsplits. Here's a summary of the OHV individual results. Congratulations to those who placed in each race they entered: Jill Dalton and Gavin Scott.

  Sprint Middle Long
Larissa Edwards 4th W10 6th W10 5th W10
Amber Riddle 14th W16 11th W16A 15th W16A
Alexandra Riddle 13th W20 13th W20A 13th W20A
Susan Edwards 5th W45 5th W45A 5th W45A
Anna Robertson 6th W50 9th W50A 6th W50A
Jill Dalton 1st W70 2nd W70A 3rd W70A
Barbara Bridger 3rd W70 6th W70A 5th W70A
Oliver Edwards 2nd= M14 4th M14A 7th M14A
Kieran Edwards 2nd= M14 MP M14A 4th M14A
Andrew Bridger 2nd M21A 5th M21A 4th M21A
Bill Edwards 10th M21E 12th M21E 2nd M35A
John Robertson 4th M50 8th M50A MP M50A
Andrew Riddle 5th M50 6th M50A 13th M50A
Pat van Berkel 4th M60 7th M60A 4th M60A
Michael Wood 4th M65 4th M65A 5th M65A
Alex Bridger 13th M65 11th M65A 14th M65A
Gavin Scott 3rd M75 2nd M75A 3rd M75A


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