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Maps are provided here to encourage the sport of orienteering. They are in pdf format. We have a big collection with courses on, some of which have a permanent course marked by posts or plaques, and others which are virtual courses. This list contains just the maps, so you can plan your own course. They are in pdf format.

If you are going to print maps for a group you'll want to put circles and numbers on these maps. Free software to do this is called Purple Pen. You can download it here.

If you are interested in an area not on this list, please look in Virtual Courses, or contact This page was first assembled by and was last updated on 3 May 20 (c) Orienteering Hutt Valley.

By downloading you accept the following conditions:

  • Copyright
    These maps remain the property of Orienteering Hutt Valley. They may not be modified, reproduced or copied in any form without the explicit permission of the owner. BUT OHV hereby gives permission for download and printing without change by individuals for personal use and teachers for use by schools.
  • Accuracy
    We are proud of our maps but OHV makes no claim that any of its maps are free of error or fit for any particular purpose. By using the map, the user releases OHV from all liability for errors, omissions and other inaccuracies.
  • Print Quality
    Our cartography is optimised for printing at a commercial service with the latest equipment. The result will not be as good when printed on the typical home printer.
  • Use of Map
    Possession of an OHV map implies and confers no right of access for orienteering or any other purpose, whether on a road, track or elsewhere. You must seek out the landowners and obtain permission.
  • Safety
    You take responsibility for your safety and obligations to others. Enjoy!

    Smaller number is larger scale and more detail "Save target as..." to download
Central L/H
Lower Hutt
Central Lower Hutt from Queensgate to the Hutt Rec and across to the Ewen Bridge. Includes reconstruction of the Civic Centre. OHV Park/sprint stds 1:3000 at A4
2020 Mapping
Lower Hutt Central 2020
Lower Hutt
Riverbank up and downstream of regional council Pilot Wetland near Belmont School, as used for U-Max. OHV Park/Sprint stds 1:3333 at A4
Mapping 2020
Two map files: from Pilot Wetland north as far as Belmont Playcentre, and from Pilot Wetland south well south of the bank erosion zone. Crossable zones shown in river at low flow, need to be carefully checked on each occasion.
Upper Hutt
St Pats College including farmland to riverbank and Heretaunga Park, as used for AW sprint. OHV Park/Sprint stds 1:4000 at A4
Mapping 2019
St Pats 2019
Central U/H
Upper Hutt
Maidstone Park including bush and the ridge behind, as used for U-Max OHV Park/Sprint stds 1:6250 at A4
Mapping 2019
Maidstone Plus 2019 extends way back and as a result some of the detail in the playground etc is hard to read.
Lower Hutt
Percy Reserve and bush up to Maungaraki School, and almost to end Acacia Ave. Beautiful bush reserve includes duck pond, cave, lawns, old house sites. OHV Park/Sprint stds 1:4800 at A4
Mapping 2019
Percy Plus. There's also a 1:3100 version of just Percy Reserve and Frank Cameron Park at Percy Reserve.
Mt Victoria
Town belt tracks from Constable St to Palliser Rd. OHV MTBO stds 1:8000 at A4
Mapping 2019
Used 2019 but mapping may not have been updated then. Mt Vic MTBO
Brown Owl/Totara Park
Upper Hutt
Beautiful Harcourt Park, connects over footbridge to California Park. OHV Park/Sprint stds 1:4000 at A4
2018 Mapping
Harcourt Park 2018
Central L/H
Lower Hutt
Central Lower Hutt from the Melling Bridge to the Library, including Queensgate and the Civic Centre. Before the Civic Centre reconstruction. OHV Parksprint stds 1:4000 at A4
2017 Mapping
Lower Hutt Central 2017
Central U/H
Upper Hutt
Maidstone Park - playing fields and bush tracks; updated after 2016 bushfire. OHV Park/sprint stds 1:4250 at A4
2017 Mapping
Maidstone Park 2017
Village, school, beach and streets from Bishop Park to the cricket ground. OHV Park/sprint stds 1:4000 at A4
2016 Mapping
Eastbourne Village 2016
Waiu Trail Park aimed at bikers but walking fine too, nice easy trails on the flat round wetland, also some adjoining streets (Parkway). Covers wider area than 2018 map. OHV MTBO stds 1:7,000 at A4
2016 Mapping
Wainui Trail Park 2016
Days Bay
Williams Park, Wellesley College and nearby streets and tracks. OHV Park/Sprint stds 1:4000 at A4
2015 Mapping
Days Bay 2015
Upper Hutt
Regional Council camping area with bush surroundings, river, barbeques, etc.
See GW's 3min video.
Old-style Park stds 1:5000 at A4
2015 Mapping
Camp Kaitoke 2015
Lower Hutt
Park and beach from playground East end of Esplanade to Hikoikoi Res and rivermouth. OHV Park/sprint stds 1:4000 at A4
2014 Mapping
Hikoikoi 2014
Te Marua
Upper Hutt
Tunnel Gully picnic area and bush tracks. The "park" version of the map which goes up to, but not through, the historic rail tunnel. Old-style Park stds 1:5,500 at A4
2012 Mapping
Tunnel Gully 2012 Later much improved mapping under wraps pending event.
Lovely little corner of Paraparaumu with residential, parkland, lakes. OHV Park/sprint stds 1:3,000 at A4
2012 Mapping
Waterstone 2012