Lonely Mountain Sprints, Jan 2020

Summary of OHV Results

Full results on the event website and on Winsplits.

Relay Results, Open, 48 teams
Tim Robertson (+Emma Bjessmo) 24:58 1st
Laura Robertson (+Johnny Crickmore) 29:51 19th
Kieran Edwards (+Amelia Horne) 31:41 25th
Ollie Edwards (+Alex Jobbins) MP

Relay Results, M/W50, 20 teams
(McComb/McComb Aust) 26:56 1st
Susan/Bill Edwards 28:24 3rd

Relay Results, M/W60, 7 teams
(Gillian/Malcolm Ingham OW) 28:54 1st
Margi Freemantle Ted van G 37:37 4th

Relay Results, M/W70, 3 teams
Jill Dalton Michael Wood 40:01 1st

Individual Results
Elite and Junior Elite took part in a knockout contest instead of Sprint 1,
and if knocked out (ko) were able to continue in Sprint 2.
Everyone was able to participate in Sprints 3 and 4.
Tim Robertson didn't arrive in time for the knockout.

Name, ClassSprint 1
Or Knockout
Sprint 2Sprint 3Sprint 4
Laura Robertson, W21 Elite1 43
Tim Robertson, M21 Elite  11
Amber Riddle, W20 Eliteko3??
Kieran Edwards, M20 Eliteko211418
Oliver Edwards, M20 Eliteko2018mp
Larissa Edwards, W149101010
Susan Edwards, W508899
Bill Edwards M502232
Anna Robertson, W50191378
John Robertson, M5010mp6?
Andrew Riddle, M509121611
Margi Freemantle, W607898
Ted van Geldermalsen, M60412 2
Simon Rea, M6012811mp
Jill Dalton, W701111
Barbara Bridger, W707575
Michael Wood, M701112

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