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Who We Are

Hutt Valley Orienteering Club has a membership of 150, who live mostly in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt. The Hutt Valley is close to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Here's a view of the valley taken at dawn from Wellington. The highest point is Mt Hector in the southern Tararua Range. (Photo: Dave Wood)
Hutt Valley from Wellington

The club was formed in 1976, and during its second decade ran an ambitious programme of monthly local events and national events further afield. After a crisis in the late 90's it reinvented itself by "getting back to basics" with more events close to home. This reinvigoration was helped by non-traditional types of events which create more fun with less work: rogaines, which are longer-distance events run on standard topographical maps; mountainbike orienteering; and ways to make orienteering in city parks exciting for experienced orienteers. OHV has been a pioneer of these events in New Zealand, and in 2004 the club was given the Development Award by the New Zealand Orienteering Federation.

Members participate in regional and national events, and some hold regional or national office. The club's first international orienteer was Linda Mead who competed in the 1983 World Championship in Hungary. Its best-ever competitive member Antonia Wood finished the 1998 World Cup orienteering series in 35th place, and gained a world ranking of 44. She received the NZ Orienteering Federation's Silva Performance Award for her 1998 results. Andrew McCarthy represented New Zealand at the Junior World Championships in 2001 and progressed into elite ranks before moving to Singapore. Bill Edwards who came to NZ in 2002 has represented Ireland at three World Championships; and he is now a world masters champion. Laura and Tim Robertson and Jula McMillan are the club's brightest future hopes: all NZ Sec School team members and winners of Australian Championship races. Meanwhile, Craig Starnes and Jo Forbes have competed in the World MTB-Orienteering Championship, and Michael Wood in all the World Rogaining Championships.

For a "who's who" see the OHV Picture Gallery and the Club Officers contact details. You'll also be impressed with the portfolio of OHV Maps which the club has made; they include 1500 sq.km of Greater Wellington roads and tracks, as well as many parks in greater detail, and top-class maps at Waitarere, and Stronvar in the Wairarapa. Click here for a brief Club History.

Membership Details for 2018

The subscription covers the calendar year; but once the AGM sets the fees, you can have any remaining part of the previous year thrown in for free!

Membership Type   
Senior $30
Junior (Yr9 up to age 20 at year-end) $15
Junior (up to Yr8 in a member family) Nil
Those new to orienteering Half price
Secondary Membership (affiliated to NZOF thru another club) Half price

You can subscribe online, see the link at the top, or feel free to contact the Secretary with any questions. We get most of our income from event fees, for an indication of what you can expect to pay see our Entry Fee Guidelines. Apart from park/street events, you'll pay more if you're not a member of an orienteering club. Members' discount is reciprocal throught NZ and indeed the world!

Services to Members

This is the place to find help to enjoy your orienteering more. These sections have been taken from a printed "Members Handbook" we used to produce, and installed with minimal updating.
Events - When and Where? installed 9 Jun 02
Events - What to Do, installed 9 Jun 02
Equipment, installed 9 Jun 02
Competition, installed 9 Jun 02
Safety Precautions, installed 9 Jun 02
Club Library, Updated 11 Feb 01
Control Descriptions, installed 9 Jun 02
Youth Development Fund, installed 9 Jun 02
Further Information, installed 9 Jun 02

Resources for Club Volunteers

This is the place for information about how the club runs and guidelines for event organisers. Note - look at the dates. Some of this is old:-))
Who Does What? installed 9 Jun 02
OHV Rules, updated Nov 16
Volunteering to Run Events, 11 Mar 02
The One-Man Event, 28 Apr 05
Guidelines for Organisers, 22 Nov 02
OHV Guide for CONDES (course setting software) 4 Apr 17
Scottish Guide for CONDES (course setting software)
Hazard Sheet for Display at Events, 11 Feb 07
Safety Plan Samples: a 2015 Big Trig, and a a 2017 Ak Attack.
Control Codes, Updated regularly
Shopping List for Post-Event Food, updated 5 Feb 2016
Planning a Shoestring Rogaine, updated 21 Mar 17
Running MTBO Events, updated 21 Mar 17
Mapping Conventions, updated 28 May 17
Fieldwork for Rogaines or MTBO, updated 28 May 17
Fieldwork for Park Mapping, updated 28 May 17
Fieldwork for Sprint Mapping, updated 28 May 17
Club Library, Updated 11 Feb 01
Committee Checklist, Updated 24 Jan 12

Links to Related Organisations

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Wellington Ridge Runners - with whom we work on Rogaines. No website, join the
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