An App for Re-Running your Course. From the Comfort of your PC!

Compare your route with your rivals; Learn from your Mistakes; Give Feedback to the Course Planner

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Orienteering New Zealand has a web application that clubs can use to post their e-punching events after they are run. The app has the map, the course details, and all the split times. Everything to re-run the event on the computer, except the actual route you took between controls. And that's easily put in by you.

The most fun is playing your dot as it moves across the map against your closest rival or rivals. You can set the dots going as if you started together. A virtual race!

In 2015 Gavin Scott assembled a series of "how-to" articles on putting your routes in, playing them back, and getting the most out of the app. They appeared in the weekly "Memb-O". Here they are, collected for your reference.

  1. What is Route Gadget?
  2. Putting in Your Route
  3. Viewing Someone Else's Route
  4. Viewing Several Routes at Once - Animation
  5. Animation Bells and Whistles


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