CollegeSport Wellington Orienteering Series 2019

Summary of OHV Results

Including Hutt Valley school students who haven't yet got round to joining up...
Points are best 4 from 6 events, with 25 for each win and a proportion thereafter.
Those with fewer than 4 scores are noted. Full results are on the CSW website.

Senior Girls ChampionshipRed Courses  
Sarah PrzychokzkoParaparaumu Coll96.2First
Nicole MaddiganChilton St James88.74
Olivia HealeyTawa College43.6(2)7
Senior Boys ChampionshipRed Courses  
Kieran EdwardsUpper Hutt Coll98.3First
Oliver EdwardsHutt International BS69.3(3)Second
Intermediate Girls ChampionshipOrange Courses  
Jessica PrzychodzkoParaparaumu Coll90.1First
Sophie WatersHutt Valley HS88.7Second
Catherine ConnollySt Marys82.0Third
Heather DarbyHutt Valley HS75.74
Lily TrompetterHutt Valley HS70.96
Zoe MaddiganChilton St James50.1(3)10
Intermediate Boys ChampionshipOrange Courses  
Angus FlynnHutt Valley HS60.416
Y7/8 Girls AdvancedOrange Courses  
Larissa EdwardsPinehaven School70.1(3)First
Year 7/8 Boys AdvancedOrange Courses  
Jack MaddiganHutt Intermediate85.2First
Senior Girls StandardOrange Courses  
Nina SimmonsHutt Valley HS98.9First
Paige KilduffChilton St James88.2Third
Sophie WeiChilton St James14.2(1)7
Charlotte ScottChilton St James13.9(1)8
Hollie AndersonChilton St James13.7(1)9
Senior Boys StandardOrange Courses  
Zac LangridgeHutt Valley HS86.9First
Junior Girls ChampionshipYellow Courses  
Rebecca ConnollySt Marys Coll100.0First
Georgina SmithSacred Heart Coll86.9Third
Ruby CrossHutt Valley HS77.35
Erin AndersonChilton St James72.96
Radhika DhanjiChilton St James46.19
Sifan HuangChilton St James39.2(3)11
Jenna LoganHutt Valley HS30.5(3)13
Artemisia WalcottHutt Valley HS27.5(2)15
Sayde YuileHutt Valley HS9.1(1)19
Erin O'ShannessyChilton St James0(?)20
Junior Boys ChampionshipYellow Courses  
Nicholas GreenHutt Valley HS100.0First
Seamus CampbellHutt Valley HS83.5Third
AJ PritchardHutt International BS59.0(3)7
Samuel DarrHutt Valley HS49.413
Ze HuangHutt Valley HS38.613
Campbell DarbyHutt Valley HS14.6(1)19
Y7/8 Girls ChampionshipYellow Courses  
Morag McLellanRaroa Intermediate100.0First
Y7/8 Boys ChampionshipYellow Courses  
Jake McLellanRaroa Intermediate100.0First
Jonathan GreenHutt Intermediate19.9(1)4
Y7/8 Boys StandardWhite Courses  
Joshua DarrHutt Intermediate99.8First
Ryan HenshawHutt Intermediate25.0(1)Third

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