Run Rabbit 2019Tue 26/11/2019 9:34 PM
Preliminary resultscreated by OE2010 © Stephan Krämer SportSoftware 2017

NB "mp" means a variety of things - from one wrong or missing control to did not finish or telling the computer a different course from the one you actually did.
Contact for any queries. This version installed 26 May 19.
Course planner Greg Maddigan. Participants 35.

At the top the ABC loop variations have been combined into one list so you can see who's hot and who's not.
Separate results follow for each variation, and the short course. Go to WinSplits, for more info.

  1. Lizzie Ingham WOC Wellington 13:35
  2. Bill Edwards OHV Orienteering Hutt Valley 14:12
  3. Oliver Edwards OHV Orienteering Hutt Valley 16:23
  4. Magnus Bengtsson WOC Wellington 17:48
  5. Stuart Engleback WOC Wellington 18:51
  6. John Robertson OHV Orienteering Hutt Valley 20:20
  7. Ellie Molloy WOC Wellington 20:40
  8. Kieran Edwards OHV Orienteering Hutt Valley 20:52
  9. Michael Wood OHV Orienteering Hutt Valley 22:11
  10. Rachel Hendrie 22:35
  11. Pat Van Berkel OHV Orienteering Hutt Valley 23:22
  12. Nicholas Green OHV Orienteering Hutt Valley 23:26
  13. Ocean Mercier OHV Orienteering Hutt Valley 23:29
  14. Lisa Bengtsson WOC Wellington 23:41
  15. Alex & Ben 25:23
  16. Lisa Caulfield OHV Orienteering Hutt Valley 25:40
  17. Bill Trompetter OHV Orienteering Hutt Valley 25:54
  18. Will Vale WOC Wellington 26:51
  19. Andrew Riddle OHV Orienteering Hutt Valley 30:47
  20. Mike O`Connor WOC Wellington 31:25
  21. Paul Clarke WOC Wellington 32:18
  22. Mark Malone OHV Orienteering Hutt Valley 32:28
  23. Max Mawby NEWL Newlands College 39:23
  24. Liam Naughton NEWL Newlands College 42:56
  25. Hannah Stark OTH Other 48:27
  26. Joel Green OTH Other 53:37
  27. Alex Bridger OTH Other 56:01
  28. Marco Renalli mp

Open ABC (6/6)Status of: 9:34 PM
1Oliver EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley16:23
2Stuart EnglebackWOC Wellington18:51
3Nicholas GreenOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley23:26
4Alex & Ben25:23
5Lisa CaulfieldOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley25:40
6Hannah StarkOTH Other48:27
Open BCA (5/5)Status of: 9:34 PM
1Magnus BengtssonWOC Wellington17:48
2Ellie MolloyWOC Wellington20:40
3Rachel Hendrie22:35
4Lisa BengtssonWOC Wellington23:41
5Max MawbyNEWL Newlands College39:23
Open CAB (3/3)Status of: 9:34 PM
1Lizzie InghamWOC Wellington13:35
2Kieran EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley20:52
3Liam NaughtonNEWL Newlands College42:56
Veteran Over 40 ABC (3/3)Status of: 9:34 PM
1Michael WoodOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley22:11
2Alex BridgerOTH Other56:01
Marco Renallimp
Veteran Over 40 BCA (7/7)Status of: 9:34 PM
1Bill EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley14:12
2John RobertsonOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley20:20
3Pat Van BerkelOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley23:22
4Will ValeWOC Wellington26:51
5Mike O`ConnorWOC Wellington31:25
6Paul ClarkeWOC Wellington32:18
7Joel GreenOTH Other53:37
Veteran Over 40 CAB (4/4)Status of: 9:34 PM
1Ocean MercierOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley23:29
2Bill TrompetterOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley25:54
3Andrew RiddleOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley30:47
4Mark MaloneOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley32:28
Over 60 (1/1)Status of: 9:34 PM
1Don LockeWOC Wellington23:56
Short (5/5)Status of: 9:34 PM
1Brent Hardy18:13
2Mattias BengtssonWOC Wellington33:01
3Mae StewartOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley34:13
Barbara BridgerOHV Orienteering Hutt Valleydnf
Rebecca FeerickOTH Otherdnf