Battle Hill 2019Sun 16/06/2019 6:28 PM
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Senior Boys Championship (5)5.0 km 360 m14 C
1Kieran EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:09:03
2Tommy ThomsonONSL Onslow College1:16:28
3Oliver EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:22:13
4Alan TeesdaleWOC Wellington2:03:46
Andrew BoothWLCO Wellington Collegednf
Senior Girls Championship (5)3.2 km 160 m10 C
1Rachel BakerWLGC Wellington Girls College48:42
2Sarah PrzychodzkoPARA Paraparaumu College55:08
3Nicole MaddiganCHIL Chilton St James58:11
4Lauren KendonWLGC Wellington Girls College1:11:42
5Peyton MoreteKAPI Kapiti College1:18:48
Intermediate Boys Championship (21)3.1 km 120 m9 C
1Ben MitchellONSL Onslow College32:29
2Jack BraddickONSL Onslow College33:15
3Benjamin SmedingeNEWL Newlands College33:39
4Jack GarrWLCO Wellington College36:36
5Ollie TaylorWOC Wellington42:34
6Joshua HenshawONSL Onslow College43:24
7Ryan ToppONSL Onslow College44:25
8Ed SindlenONSL Onslow College45:42
9Jonty NguonNEWL Newlands College45:49
9Alex ThompsonONSL Onslow College45:49
11Angus FlynnHVHS Hutt Valley High School46:40
12Anthony KendrewSCOT Scotts College49:21
13Alexander JackNEWL Newlands College51:03
14Liam NaughtonNEWL Newlands College54:13
15Ryan GordonONSL Onslow College55:13
16Max MawbyNEWL Newlands College1:05:34
17James McKenzieONSL Onslow College1:06:40
18Jack MaddiganOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:11:54
19Zac LangridgeOTH Other2:10:16
JJ ElwoodONSL Onslow Collegemp
Sean OngNEWL Newlands Collegemp
Intermediate Girls Championship (11)3.1 km 120 m9 C
1Kiri ShibaharaONSL Onslow College42:34
2Sophie WatersHVHS Hutt Valley High School47:36
3Catherine ConnollySTMR St Marys College1:03:16
4Hannah StarkNEWL Newlands College1:04:01
5Jessica PrzychodzkoPARA Paraparaumu College1:05:56
6Zoe MaddiganOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:06:42
7Megumi HiroseWLGC Wellington Girls College1:07:17
8Lily TrompetterOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:12:03
9Heather DarbyHVHS Hutt Valley High School1:13:53
10Sarah ClarkeONSL Onslow College1:17:23
11Emily FordWLGC Wellington Girls College1:26:10
Senior Girls Standard (6)3.1 km 120 m9 C
1Nina SimmonsHVHS Hutt Valley High School46:55
2Paige KilduffWOC Wellington1:21:52
3Sophie WeiCHIL Chilton St James1:22:46
4Charlotte ScottOTH Other1:24:33
5Hollie AndersonOTH Other1:25:29
6Emily OldhamPARA Paraparaumu College1:34:50
Year 7/8 Girls Advanced (1)3.1 km 120 m9 C
1Frances Wright johnsONSL Onslow College1:05:41
Junior Boys Championship (13)2.3 km 95 m11 C
1Nicholas GreenHVHS Hutt Valley High School16:41
2Aj Prichard19:01
3Akio ShibaharaONSL Onslow College19:49
4Stephen ClarkeONSL Onslow College21:16
5Seaumus CampbellOTH Other21:21
6Tymek TumilowiczWLCO Wellington College25:38
7Jp SwartNEWL Newlands College28:45
8Seth DonaldsonNEWL Newlands College31:03
9Aidan SpenceONSL Onslow College31:45
10Samuel DarrHVHS Hutt Valley High School38:00
11Oliver MillikenNEWL Newlands College51:17
Ben NevilleONSL Onslow Collegemp
LINUS CAGERONSL Onslow Collegemp
Junior Girls Championship (11)2.3 km 95 m11 C
1Rebecca ConnollySTMR St Marys College17:56
2Tessa ThomsonONSL Onslow College23:21
3Georgina SmithSAHE Sacred Heart College23:33
4Ava Goodall-RileyWLGC Wellington Girls College23:37
5Erin AndersonCHIL Chilton St James26:07
6Emily JackNEWL Newlands College26:28
7Hazel FordONSL Onslow College26:51
8Ruby CrossHVHS Hutt Valley High School29:55
9Izzi AndersonWLGC Wellington Girls College34:52
10Sifan HuangCHIL Chilton St James40:21
11Radhika DhanjiOTH Other48:43
Intermediate Boys Standard (4)2.3 km 95 m11 C
1Lawrence ReevesNEWL Newlands College20:41
Michael BrownWLCO Wellington Collegemp
Hayden SwartOTH Othermp
Tunganh NguyenOTH Othermp
Intermediate Girls Standard (4)2.3 km 95 m11 C
1Gemma PughWLGC Wellington Girls College25:54
2Ellaraine Hiraka-sullivanNEWL Newlands College26:57
3Iona WoodONSL Onslow College29:25
4Amy BoothWLGC Wellington Girls College46:42
Senior Girls Novice (1)2.3 km 95 m11 C
1Hannah KennedySAMU Samuel Marsden28:34
Year 7/8 Boys Championship (4)2.3 km 95 m11 C
1JAKE MCLELLANRARO Raroa Intermediate16:09
2Jonathan Green20:20
3Charlie WoodRARO Raroa Intermediate28:37
Elliot FaulknerWOC Wellingtonmp
Year 7/8 Girls Championship (2)2.3 km 95 m11 C
1Morag McLellanRARO Raroa Intermediate21:51
2Isabel StockleyOTH Other30:48
Year 7/8 Boys Standard (2)1.9 km 65 m11 C
1Matthias Koo32:29
2Joshua DarrOTH Other32:38
Year 7/8 Girls Standard (1)1.9 km 65 m11 C
1Morag McLellanRARO Raroa Intermediate14:07
Red Long (10)6.8 km 430 m15 C
1Ruairi ShortWOC Wellington1:17:32
2Nick Mead1:29:32
3Simon RobinsonWOC Wellington1:39:46
4Caspar HarmerWOC Wellington1:47:55
5Jake HansonWOC Wellington2:03:45
6Alistair HowardWOC Wellington2:19:22
7Kath Kelly3:56:38
Mike O`ConnorWOC Wellingtonmp
Stuart EnglebackWOC Wellingtondnf
Mark MaloneOHV Orienteering Hutt Valleydnf
Red Medium (16)5.0 km 360 m14 C
1Malcolm InghamWOC Wellington1:17:44
2Rob CollierWOC Wellington1:22:38
3John RobertsonOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:24:57
4Yvette BakerWOC Wellington1:25:29
5Paul DaltonWAI Wairarapa1:26:35
6Gillian InghamWOC Wellington1:28:49
7Michael WoodOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:29:58
8Hamish TroloveOTH Other1:48:46
9Peter WoodWOC Wellington1:49:39
10Dick DinsdaleWOC Wellington1:53:09
11Simon WilliamsonWOC Wellington1:53:28
12Greg MaddiganOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:59:30
13Harriette CarrOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley2:07:51
Big boys MclarenWOC Wellingtonmp
Tony BoothWOC Wellingtondnf
Bill TrompetterOHV Orienteering Hutt Valleydnf
Red Short (14)3.2 km 160 m10 C
1Phil KendonWOC Wellington43:09
2Simon FaulknerWOC Wellington48:30
3William PowerWOC Wellington50:55
4Lisa CaulfieldOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley57:04
5Will ValeWOC Wellington57:55
6Gerald CrawfordWOC Wellington58:58
7Bill AndersonWOC Wellington59:43
8Mike HeronOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:12:55
9Gavin ScottOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:13:40
10Alastair Campbell1:15:06
11Beverly HolderWOC Wellington1:28:44
12Anna EnglebackWOC Wellington1:50:28
Bruce WorsleyOHV Orienteering Hutt Valleymp
Barbara BridgerOHV Orienteering Hutt Valleymp
Orange (16)3.1 km 120 m9 C
1Nicholas GreenHVHS Hutt Valley High School36:52
2Adam BakerWOC Wellington40:16
3Matthew CrawfordWOC Wellington55:06
5Tony GardnerOTH Other57:18
6Lachlan McKenzieWOC Wellington1:01:50
7Louise AnscombeOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:03:12
8Andrew BraddickWOC Wellington1:09:09
9Don LockeWOC Wellington1:10:39
10Lucy ELWOODOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:15:43
11Penny Meredith1:16:01
12Paula MaddiganOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley1:22:12
Larissa EdwardsOHV Orienteering Hutt Valleydnf
Laura ValeOTH Otherdnf
Yellow (28)2.3 km 95 m11 C
1Echelon ToppRARO Raroa Intermediate21:08
2Jen Brennan24:19
3Gail IvesWOC Wellington25:01
4Phillipa SmedingeWOC Wellington27:36
5Carolyn EllisOTH Other27:45
6Cross FAMILYOHV Orienteering Hutt Valley28:08
7Lynda Hart30:21
8Vanessa TrompetterOTH Other30:22
9Miro KennettNTHL Northland32:18
10Craig GordonOTH Other32:55
11Maree SpenceOTH Other33:21
12Nicola MitchellOTH Other35:22
13Phillip ClarkeWOC Wellington35:30
14Kate RiddickWOC Wellington37:24
17Ella Naughton43:02
18Christine ShukerWOC Wellington45:30
19Joseph MuolloOTH Other46:39
20Claire Wilmot48:04
21Alex and Matthew HowardWOC Wellington49:31
22Conor MillikenOTH Other53:07
23Zavier HydeOTH Other56:03
24Roxy Hyde56:56
25Erin O'ShannessyCHIL Chilton St James1:03:17
26Gordon ButtWOC Wellington1:28:50
Alex SawyerWOC Wellingtonmp
Lucas Dowdellmp
White (7)1.9 km 65 m11 C
1Jake MclellanRARO Raroa Intermediate11:45
2Miro KennettNTHL Northland19:18
3Mattias BengtssonWOC Wellington21:13
4Yifan SAMU Samuel Marsden21:34
5Colleen SlagterOTH Other34:00
6Heath Archer41:46
7Fintan Archer42:29