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Coaching Resources

These were supplied by the NZOF Coaching Director in the 90's, the list is on the NZOF Coaching Pages (or there WERE until the NZOF website was reworked...) and were in the care of the Regional Coaching Coordinator.

The books have gone astray since the position of CC has been vacant. The videos are in the care of as at 1 July 03.

Display Panels

These were made by Warwick Hill and Graham Marshall, for background colour and info in eg shop-window displays. The whereabouts are unknown at 1 July 03.

Race Numbers

A set of number bibs was made in the 70s when ICL sponsored the NZ Champs. These have a loop which goes over the head and two ties which can be tied behind the back. Amazingly (with the help of some spare blank ones) there is a complete set 1-200 with one blank.

There is also a set of numbers 200 X 100 approx with stencilled numbers and in some cases felt-pen-written numbers and in a few cases the blank bibs from above have been used. They look fairly unprofessional, mostly due to the fact that they are unhemmed and are fraying at the edges, but are usable if safety pins are provided. The number range is 201 to 400 with the following missing: 237 265 266 283 284 285 286 289 292 310 331 380 399 400

They are in the care of and this is the status as at 1 July 03.