NZ Ski-O Championship 2000, Waiorau Snow Farm,

30 July 00 (Score Format)

Women 45min course				Men 45 min course

Michelle Grant and Sonja McArthur	85	Nick Church			60
Rhonda Tayer and Stephanie Smith	45	Brendan Thayer		45
Danielle Kelly				45
Meriel Thayer and Anne McDonald	30	Men 90min course
Franny (Cunninghame) Julie (Grant),		Ernie Maluschnig		385
  Tomoko and Emmy (unnofficial)		Ces Driver			385
C and N French (unofficial)			Bruce McLeod		325
							Andrew Kelly		270
Women 90min course				Myles Thayer		210
Jennifer Hudson				100	Alex Griffith		210
Sasha Middleton				100	Gary McKenzie		210
Lara Prince					100	Michael Tagg		210
Margaret Tagg				85	Ciarin Thayer		200
Pam Thayer					70	Owen Cambridge		190
							Tane Cambridge		110
Overseas Women 90min course			Grant Hudson		100
Sara Wallen (Swe)				285	Dave Middleton		Lost Card														

Overseas Men 90min course
Peter Andersson (Swe)			395
Robert Soderberg (Swe)			330

Planners Francesca Cunninghame and Julie Grant, Dunedin OC

Sponsors A. J. Hackett Bungy; Sargoods Restaurant, Edgewater Wanaka; Kathmandu Dunedin; R and R Sport Dunedin; Outside Sports Queenstown; Watercooled Sport Dunedin; Beer in Mind; Cromwell Holiday Park; Muzza's Bar and Grill Wanaka; Waiorau Snow Farm; Wanaka Wine and Spirit; Stucki Family ex PAPO

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