MTBO Team Selection

Australia-New Zealand MTBO Challenge 14-18 Jan 2012

The next Australia-NZ MTBO Challenge will take place over sprint, middle and long distance races in Central Otago, in January 2012. The races are part of the Otago MTBO Carnival which is open to all, the only difference being that team members will start on the courses first.

Australia (as the travelling nation) has nominated the classes it will contest. This means NZ will now select a team of 3 men in the up to 20, open, 40, 50 and 60 classes, and 3 women in the open, 40 and 50's. The best TWO team members are used to determine which country wins each class, and the country with the most class wins takes the trophy.

The NZOF MTBO Committee will recommend a team to the NZOF selection panel, based on all known form. The official call for nominations is here. Please indicate your availability by emailing ASAP and in any case by 20 Nov 11. We will need to know your birth year and the class that you plan to ride. Enter for the individual events in this class (note that your age is as at 31 Dec 2012). The warmup and the relay are not part of the challenge. There are some citizenship requirements and you need to belong to a NZOF club, if in doubt please ask.

NZ has won the trophy for three challenges in a row, the last two on Australian soil. Although the travelling team is weakened by restricted availability, the home team is also weakened by not being able to include its mappers and course planners. Help us retain the trophy by emailing Rob NOW!

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