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Here are some easy instructions for taking the capsule out of your Moscow compass and putting it back.
You may wish to put it in a different type of base, perhaps you want to swap your northern hemisphere capsule for a southern one, or turn a LH thumb compass into a RH thumbie.

You will need a thin tool with a round or square end. A tiny screwdriver is one option, or a table knife. Do it on a table or risk losing the tiny wire clip.

  1. Turn the compass upside down (compared to the way you usually look at it). There's a springy wire clip that sits in a groove
  2. Prise the wire clip out. (I start somewhere in the middle.)
  3. The capsule will now come out of the base.
  4. Put the capsule in its new base. For a left-right conversion, just put it back in the other way up.
  5. Replace the spring, but this time start at one end, and tamp it down progressively. Make sure both ends are properly seated in the groove.
  6. Test by rotating the capsule, it should be easy. If not take it out again, clean everything, and apply talcum powder (it's a lubricant).
  7. For a left-right conversion, take the thumb strap out and put it back in the other way up.
Please let us know of any difficulties with this process. We're happy to do it for you, but DIY will get you going much faster!

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