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The invisible hand of the market has already brought you these price reductions for compasses: We've are still absolutely mystified by the price for the Silva thumb magnifier. We're still selling them at wholesale! Unbelieveable. But if you go the Moscow way, the magnifier attachment is only $40 (plastic) or $60 (glass).

Silva has also announced the end of the Mapguide compass, and the Micro Racer. We have a limited supply of the Mapguide, no Micro Racers at this time but the remaining stock of southern hemisphere ones will be coming next year. Pity, the Mapguide was absolutely the best beginner compass for orienteering. Be in.

Strapping Tape. For years we've supplied a Leuko product called "Patella Tape", because of its tremendous adhesion. Why patella I dunno, but it was worth it. Well the Leuko patella tape is no longer available. We have an alternative, I've got some on as I type, cheaper but unknown (to me) in action. So we have the last dozen rolls of the good stuff at $18. The new stuff (brand is USL) will sell at $10.

Transparent Rain Visor. Silva made a neat and effective one, but stopped. We haven't found one as good. There's one that works OK but looks a bit crude, so just in case it rains during Oceania we got some in. It won't win the World of Wearable Arts, but better than rain on your specs. Price $15.

Sweat. The other sort of rain. We're gonna run out of Silva sweatbands ($10). Perhaps also the Vapro equivalent ($8). We ordered some more but they're only half the width. Still, priced accordingly at $5.

All enquiries to onsite at Major Events. For mail order phone (04) 566 2645, or write to 5 Atahu Grove, Lower Hutt 5010. We'll invoice with the goods, and you can pay by cheque, bank transfer, Visa or Mastercard. Prices shown include GST.